Do not think about the beauty of nails. Sand therapy in working with self-aggression. Part 2

Do not think about the beauty of nails. Sand therapy in working with self-aggression. Part 2

The article was published with the consent of the client.

In the first part we stopped for the history of habit biting his nails, as reflected in the sand.

Now we continue with the habit of images, as represented in the minds of 10-year-old girl.

habits Images

Do not think about the beauty of nails. Sand therapy in working with self-aggression. Part 2

Fig. 3. Images of a bad habit. "Fish-piranha - it is generally unguided, pounces, can not be stopped. Horse and dog - is when there herself to listen. Monkey - she is intelligent, understands that it is harmful and embarrassing. Squirrel - naughty but easy to operate, it can be forced to chew on. "

Interestingly, the habit was presented not quite so, and harmful characters, some of them are man's best friend - Horse and Dog.

In the social corner elevated maternal mound of sand, home of the sandbox swept away by stormy ocean of the unconscious. The composition recalls the effects of the shipwreck with cast ashore the animals that are in need of adoption and protection. Probably, this is how the child feels in society. Although in reality the case with education, with relationships in the classroom and is well apparent reason for alarm.

How do I look like fingers

Do not think about the beauty of nails. Sand therapy in working with self-aggression. Part 2

Fig. 4. Modeling of the fingers. "Predators are fighting with each other and attack their subjects (thumbs pointing scratch). Little Fingers-boys just look, they do not attack and they do not bite, frog - middle fingers, they are no attacks, but they can chew on. Birds - they can also be gnawing. " Karina well-versed in his experience, it is easy symbolizes. Enthusiastically explaining the situation, it comes in elated mood interested. sandbox atmosphere comes to life from the story. Uncontrollable force of the symptom becomes a logical trend and is split into individual silhouettes, which already can somehow interact.

Do not think about the beauty of nails. Sand therapy in working with self-aggression. Part 2

Fig. 5. What do I want to add to the picture?

"Parrot - I give an order!" (Stop attacking). Predators irritably thrown shoulders Parrot. My question is: they listen to the Parrot? "If he can not, then arrives Eagle (Eagle adds), Eagle afraid and listen to, but also hiding from him."

Since the internal conflict of a teenager appeared in socialization difficulties: Parrot, a perfect imitator of human speech, with irritation thrown wild cats. But the resource of the mind in the form of predatory and proud eagle may symbolize health narcissistic traits of the super-ego, able to talk to them in the language of force.

In addition, the part of the society, again, from the position of the super-ego, there is an independent observer Raven (wise chthonic creature, an intermediary between three worlds - heaven, earth and the underground kingdom).

Therapy provides elite the opportunity to focus on the aspects of their growing up deliberately. Karina is on the stage, sees what's going on inside of her soul.

Here beats Green Bird (finger symbol), the intended victim to predators, and tears were welling in her eyes. Predators, keeping its shape, can instantly change its essence. Cheetah decides not to attack, to pretend that he was attacked, and he just pats bird. Apparent at this stage of metamorphosis predators does not happen, but inwardly they have already happened. All parts of the psyche gain lasting value, own finger becomes sacred and therefore inviolable. The realization that the support is always there inside, even on the part of the negative aspects of the shadow, and does not necessarily expect it from the outside by someone (from the Pope's brother). Every teenager is important to feel the right to preserve himself, his I am, regardless of the will of others.


Do not think about the beauty of nails. Sand therapy in working with self-aggression. Part 2

Fig. 6. Metamorphoses. " These go ' (Cheetah, Lion), take their place porcelain dog. Right index finger into place aggressive Dog put two girls. Useless Boys who are not protected from predators, replaced the cubs. "All the rest - and so good."

How often do you want to take, and to solve the problem here and now, without delay, and without hesitation. But it turns out that, as in the fairy tale, the decision you need to walk far away tridesyatom kingdom. The sand therapy decision is not really in the figures, and in what new thought forms and experiences they bring to the sand.

  • Little Fingers in the image of a boy from the association with the Boy Thumb led us with Kareena to the myth of Zeus and Cronus, from the past to the Medusa, Perseus and his ingenious weapon-mirror.
  • Handprints on the sand opened the picture of the development of civilization from the time of Homo habilis, Homo habilis, to the present day.
  • Frogs too, for sharing your story about life in two verses.

So the problem of narrow self-protection becomes broad horizons, teenager thinking is ideally suited for understanding the collective wisdom.

Karina is experiencing a bright opening. Open the floodgates confession itself. It turns out that he hated his habit, the girl alone hitting myself for it. And what else? "Because not sing, not dance when it is impossible to study! Boys can be so, and the girl - it must be the best in everything! ". The meaning of the conflict finally sounded!

Now there is something to work with. Metaphor and allegory, paradoxical intention, dialogues with figures, changes in the compositions - almost everything is in motion as in a kaleidoscope.

Karina strikes a veiled brutality of her inner world. Indeed, losing a girlfriend she would be comforted and never cease to be friends with her, and herself when she is ready to despise failure and "nibble".

Do not think about the beauty of nails. Sand therapy in working with self-aggression. Part 2

Fig. 7. Change of attitude.

The girl abruptly rises from the place no longer waiting for my suggestions, quickly begins to change the sand painting. Domestic bans on changes removed!

From the world of predators are released, and the eagle can fly, too, "he does not need it!" (That is, ill-treatment of a no longer acceptable). In their place are hoisting porcelain Dogs; Parrot tenderly embraces dogs, and they are no longer trying to push him away. Boys who looked foreign to the animal world, replaced by cubs, the place of the evil a large dog placed hardworking girl from china.

Porcelain here - a symbol of some mental qualities that have been approved by the super-ego, able to entrust the sand of their vulnerability. Now clash porcelain dogs with porcelain girls is hard to imagine without prejudice to both parties, that is part of the psyche lived integration, felt its unified nature. Thus, the super-ego, Ego and Id gain harmony between themselves.

Now, six months after the course, Karina, according to my mother said, almost broke up with my habit. And even if the case moments of weakness, the parents are very different words for its successful maturing daughter. References:

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