The coolest guide on losing weight. FAQ

The coolest guide on losing weight. FAQ

In this final article in the series "The coolest guide on losing weight," I would like to answer frequently asked questions.

It is in this article, I will touch on that, how people think, trying to take the path nutrition.

If there is something you do not find in my articles - write comments, ask. I, in turn, gather your questions and I will answer you in the next article.

So popular questions.

On the Internet, write that it is necessary to break up the metabolism to eat more than 5-6 times a day.

On the one hand, indeed, every meal reception is the thermal effect, which is needed for digestion. At this time it accelerates the metabolism temporarily. It should be remembered that the thermal effect - about 10% of the processing of calories, as well as it depends on the total calories, and not on the frequency of food intake. Foreign experiences have shown that human metabolism, on the contrary, it is best to not affect frequent and voluminous meals than small and frequent.

whether fasting or starving this review helpful?

are useful, but only if you have a good health. Before you arrange a stressful hunger strike - consult your doctor.

Can you eat at night?

If you have energy intake is under control, there is nothing harmful, so it is possible. Including night.

Do Work Belt for weight loss?

There is not and will not. No magic pants for weight loss, there is no effect of electrical stimulation of the abdomen miracle-belt, there are no legal teas for weight loss. All these beautiful ads with the girls and boys - fitness models. These people many years of work in the gym, a pity, but many think that it is a merit miracle belt with battery cr2032.

much protein harmful?

A lot of things harmful. Everything is the norm - at BZHU, vitamins, hormones. Protein should be eaten no more than 2, 2 grams per kilogram of body weight. If your kidneys are normal, the short days of protein will not hurt you. But all must be a reason - for example, the council trainer or doctor.

If you eat a lot of fat, whether the body of its normal process?

In the event that you are carbohydrate-free diet and fat is the main fuel - certainly will. Our body All the stores, it burns fat. It should be remembered that if the fat consumption is coming to the same - nothing will change, and if there is a difference, and that is change. When an excess - a plus when shortage - in the negative.

Wild hunger on a diet, what to do?

This is an indication of a bad diet. But there are some tricks of the trade.

  1. Consult with a knowledgeable this topic psychologist. It is important that the expert he was in the form to which you aspire.
  2. The diet should be enough fiber. Dietary fiber is well fill the stomach and give the brain signals about saturation. Fiber makes much longer than the process of digestion, making you much longer feel full.
  3. There is a hormone - ghrelin. A hormone that causes appetite. If his train, eating at the same time, it is possible to avoid failures. You'll want to eat only at certain times.
  4. Eat less, but more in volume.
  5. Do not make a diet of solitary confinement. Add to your menu favorite products.
  6. If you have a special weakness for certain products - it is better not to keep them at home.
  7. Drink black coffee, it reduces appetite.

At this until all. I really hope that you will help my articles!

Diet - is not afraid to, just have to find the strength to find an assistant specialist. You will succeed.