He does not understand you?

He does not understand you?

You ask it on the support, honestly admitting that there are no forces that breaks down into an abyss of anger, despair and discouragement .

And he?

A he still live to his world, as if nothing has changed.

He not to hear you.

He does not see you and your despair.

- Apparently, it's so convenient. Sure! Well who wants to give, when to only used without impact. He thinks because: "It will pull and so, nothing, maybe not die. And me and very much wants to pour her another. "

- Support? Heat? Understanding? Just stay close? And the point?

You asked help - I did, you asked to hear - I sat. Well, anything Well not changed What me to dance for you? I hope you've still after Mr. .. Mr. poured?

No. I'm not suicidal. I live hunting. I will go from here. Try, try, and zero sense.

You want to cry Now, tell us how much need it, how terrible you just thought that it would not be there .

But is not. You strong. You're not so worried. Humiliated because of this fool? No.

And then he leaves.

Or are you doing so that he is gone. From the bed, the room of the apartment or of your life. He has no place next to you. You yourself strong. You yourself can. Why is he here?

or is not. You can cry. You to be weak. After all, it now requests all inside you - be a small and defenseless. So you need someone big and strong to stand beside you now, barred from all over the world and warmed.

It is terrible to. You can get and the stomach. But you do not want to do more beautiful picture of a strong woman. Because it is not true. Not now. Better to let the stomach.

So strange! He instantaneous shaded you. I warmed. Gave porevet, poskulit and turn into a small and defenseless.

And you suddenly found each other again.

Those who like that together. Those present.

And what has changed?

Just because you're no longer just talking while holding the face. You no longer deceive him and myself. You no longer appear. You've become real. With potekshey ink, with a red nose and skukozhennaya, small and weak. Just because he believed that you are the real thing. And you saw and took his power. Because it ceased to defend against him. It is difficult to believe in what you said about the weakness, when you make an angry face and clenched his fists.

Your body, all you talk about something else.

How can we protect and support the one who is fighting with you?

Here should be to defend - often, it means attack.

And then the fight. And then the feeling of betrayal.

Then it in your eyes turns into a villain who uses it, and then throw rubbish.

Do you own is transformed into the same trash.

Absolutely netsenny, nobody wanted. And because of this mad and go on the attack. Because you believe that he has offended and betrayed.

And he just trust your eyes.

He believes their feelings. And he believes you - what are you showing now, how do you imagine herself.

And it's not about words. Be fair to not just words. Be entirely honest - the eyes, face, body, voice, heart - a task for heroes. But what is so great for self-honesty to see his present. Such native and beloved, such a strong and loyal.