Be yourself - it's like?

Oddly enough, "be yourself" -

is a very dynamic phenomenon.

It's about movement, about change, about how to live without betraying themselves, but not at the expense of others.

This, in my opinion, about how to be different, to connect and to take all aspects of his personality, his character, his feelings, his life - both bad and good, and the advantages and disadvantages.

Be yourself - it allows all your senses be non-judgmental. Cry when laments laugh when fun. Do not pinch your feelings, but do not put them on display. Not manipulate others with them.

It is about the ability to connect in itself contradictory things and smooth internal conflicts. For example, you want to be open to the world, trust in man. And you think that this openness should be total. But in some moments just need to shut down, to be with him, to rest, to protect themselves and their interests. Be yourself - it is easy to afford and do so and so. Not swearing, not capricious, not suffering, not adjusting is not pleasing, without blaming yourself and others ...

Be yourself - it is an opportunity to live their lives, to make mistakes, to correct something and move on. Get in their delusion and illusion, and then suddenly to see them and have the courage to change something, to someone to apologize, to accept themselves and this, too, and then go ahead ...

Be yourself - is to accept yourself.

Accept yourself - is to love their shortcomings.

And then an example. Here you have the appearance does not match the ideal. You look in the mirror and realize that the shape of the nose (ears, legs, chest and so on. Etc.- underline) you do not like!

You tell yourself that "has nothing to do - the nature of this, well here so was born!" (Allegedly taking itself), and she looking, studying modern methods of facial plastic, you know how much the operation, a lot of literature on the subject studied. And your "alleged acceptance of self" - it is not accepted in the end, you've got a nose, and forced humility with this fact, because the kind of money you do not have, to change the shape of the nose. But with respect to his nose as it was dislike and rejection - and left.

But if you begin to understand that surgery - is an abuse of the same! Why am I going to rape my body ?! Or suddenly you see your face in a new way - it starts like this, what is there. Here already it appears self-love and self-acceptance.

To be yourself is a also recognize its merits.

See and know their strengths, to be able to use them to apply. Do not hide them, do not hide, do not confuse them, but do not flaunt it, do not flaunt.

For example, do you like to dance and you are good at it. Let it manifest. Do not be afraid, and what will they say and people will think, how you look, and suddenly it is no use to anyone, not to show off at every corner. But at the same time allow yourself to dance, where appropriate; where you want; as you like it.

Be yourself - this means work on yourself. If you see that your lack of confidence prevents you realized in the profession, to create a happy relationship, and you realize that it is important to change, then you work on yourself. You're looking for ways to improve their self-esteem, how to find itself, to continue on the road of life you can move easily and freely, enjoying the journey called life, not suffering along the way.

Then be yourself - it is implemented, not let fear and doubt deprive you of opportunities to do what you want, what you love.

Be yourself - it means to be honest.

If the wife prefers to remain silent and not to talk to her husband in the face of his true feelings when some of his actions, because he is upset or her own, and was accused of all serious - it's definitely not about the fact that this woman lives her life, remaining a . Be yourself - it's easy to tell that it is not satisfied. Feel, acknowledge your feelings, discuss them.

Accuse her husband - then shift the responsibility. And this is also a story about the fact that you do not remain themselves.

And here there is always a very delicate question that I am asked by many customers.

How to distinguish:

  • where I love myself, and from a state of self-love and acceptance of yourself doing something, sometimes creating discomfort to others?
  • , and when I think I love myself, and our actions are used by other people?

The criteria are actually very simple.

When you love yourself

and do something in life, then, as a rule, you feel confident, calm, joy, ease, pleasure. You can express your opinion, but do not demand from others to agree with you. You give the other the right to choose to have their position in life. In the self-love you for yourself and not against others. They are you, too, love and respect. And do not act in defiance of everyone and everything. Your actions cause satisfaction and inner feeling that things are going well, it must be so. When you think you love yourself, is frequently experience such feelings:

  • insult,
  • fault
  • fear
  • wrath / anger / irritation,
  • jealousy,
  • jealousy,
  • false expectations,
  • claims a lot of the people around them.

And then it becomes clear that your desire to clarify with my husband relationship, when you are filled with anger at what he is doing something wrong, as you want, and you get angry and express something to him - it is often not about love of self. It's more about the unjustified expectations. And, most likely, you are ready to only one unique solution: you are satisfied with this state of affairs only when everything is just your opinion.

Then your happiness is built on the misfortune of another.

This is not about love. It is not here. Neither to himself nor to her husband.