Illusion relations, or how are you kidding

Illusion relations, or how are you kidding

Relations in the aspect of female-male relations - is when two people meet, get acquainted and, if there is sympathy for the invitation (be my girl / woman?) Or understand each myself - they begin to be paired.

And begin the couple to develop. They meet physically, they have a shared leisure, they know that they have each other. They can build their plans, based on other, their heart is occupied. Further, if there is a development - they begin the general plans for the future, and still further and steps aside plans.

The main thing - they have a future as a couple!

They have each other.

What is the illusion of a relationship?

This is when a relationship is like, but they are actually not. When someone one or both are in the "relationship" just for the sake of being in a relationship. In these respects the future is very doubtful - if we look from the side and adequately. Someone for show, some for Mom, someone to society. And someone from fear: because the relationship is - I'm not alone (a).

The most common type of relationship illusions - it is a virtual relationship to

When two people from different cities to learn about dating online or through social services. network. And they realize that they love! Even without seeing each other alive - only Skype - but they love. They begin with "attitude" - they correspond, call up constantly in touch, many words of love and tenderness. And so goes the year, two, three. The most "serious cases" - they may even not once meet someone one just disappears (because enough of), and the other is very sincere suffering. In the classics of the genre - they can meet a couple of times.

Why is this happening? Most likely because they have a lot of fears, complexes, not so much responsibility and they do not understand what is happening to them and what they want.

They live for today, and they have a relationship. As an option - someone just has a good time in this way. It's nice to get the good words from afar without having any responsibility at all? I received a portion nyashek, energize yourself, know that you are waiting ... and live on - no responsibility, quarrels, unwashed dishes. And how tired or nyashki run out - so you can find another man, a huge network.

The most offensive, that those who are in such a relationship - they do not realize what is happening. They live in a pink glasses and sincerely believe that they are in a relationship and be happy together. In my life there have been a couple of cases, when a friend, met online, went to other cities. BUT, as soon realized that sympathy between them - they met at once. Men fly, then the girl to him, and it's all in the short term. They immediately went into action, to understand how they will be "live". Girls decided and left. And to this day happy.

But those who are delaying this epic - just go to the illusion of a relationship. Because so safely and out of the relationship, too scared - suddenly no one else met? Bezrybe cancer and fish ...

The second illusion of relationships - relationships at a distance of

It differs only in the fact that people learn, communicate - but are in different cities. Comfort each other that no change that we will meet soon and everything will be fine.

According to my statistics, the frequent quarrels because of immaturity, of mistrust and control lead to the fact that the couple parted. Because this voltage is kept for a long time. Conclusion - such a relationship is not useful to continue.

Third embodiment - lover (s)

Mistress - she, too, in a relationship. She has a man, well, that he was married. He's still there. And we may even get married, he will throw his grymza ... The relationship is not an illusion?

Here it is a bit more complicated, because of the lover there is a benefit, such as money or sex. All compounded by the fact that the participants of relations in the availability of, and thus have more faith in the future together. And perhaps a lover - it's just a job, but - that's another story. And if a woman is a great believer in the fact that they will be together, that it is better than his wife, and this man is not divorced - it's more like an illusion, rather than on the healthy development of relations.

If you find yourself in a relationship building, is important for you to understand one thing - the word illusion comes from the Latin word for deception. You are cheating yourself of such relations, and there is nothing useful. So it may take a very, very long time for you to seriously think about how it's time to change something. A change is necessary now. It is necessary to deal with the emotional family program, to understand what are the fears, limiting beliefs, and possibly injury. This is not an easy job, but it will lead you to freedom and to a healthy way of building relationships.

Alternatively, the relationship may be just an illusion entertainment

For example, after a divorce, when I want to amenities and to be loved. The main thing is only one thing - to understand exactly what is happening, why you need it and how much time you are willing to spend. Because such a relationship - tighten.

In the meantime, all those who are in the illusory relationship - it is important to understand:

  • what is happening in your life,
  • is why you pulled such a relationship,
  • Are you ready right now to stop deceiving ourselves?