As noted signs of stress?

As noted signs of stress?

We live in a culture where happiness as the most common state of mind is constantly replaced by stress.

/ Joel and Levi Mischel "Meditation without hoaxes"

I guess there is no one in the world, which would stress the concept was not familiar.

70% of the disease and more than 1 million deaths per year, according to statistics related to the stress level of factors.

21st Century without reason called the century of chronic stress.

And, unfortunately, we meet with stress more and more often. Clients come to me with requests, "I feel bad, I can not sleep, the constant feeling of anxiety and stress, feelings of powerlessness and apathy, somewhere disappeared from all the dreams." The same complaint I hear at work from colleagues and staff. And I understand that this topic is now more relevant than ever.

Unfortunately, we are looking for help in acute situations, when it becomes impossible to pull on. And people come to me who have a serious problem, manifested psychosomatic diseases or have a referral from a doctor.

to overcome stress is much easier in the beginning. To do this, it is important to learn to notice the first signs of its manifestations, to master the techniques of self-control and to use the energy of stress to their advantage.

Where does the stress?


  1. dynamic, hard work. Sometimes - two works.
  2. Voltage, and sometimes toxic, difficult relationships with loved ones, the problems that dragged on for a long time - all this causes the body to be in constant combat readiness.
  3. The situation is tense, anxiety, severe anxiety. Situations that our perception of one reason or another perceived as "threatening". For example, the speech at the meeting, a sudden call to the head, being late for an important meeting.
  4. Long-term health problems - our own or our loved ones.
  5. "catastrophic expectations" - suddenly happen something bad, negative, the situation will change for the worse.
  6. The situations of acute stress, trauma, crises.
  7. The need to make difficult choices in a short time.
  8. The responsibility for themselves and others.
  9. Strict requirements on the job. Multitasking.
  10. A large number of contacts with other people due to work responsibilities (sellers, Call Center. Doctors, teachers). At such moments, as if we are preparing to repel an attack. All the muscles of the body and all the resources are set out to run or attack.

What is stress?

A state of tension, ready to fight or defend is stress. From a biological point of view, stress - it is a reaction of adaptation to the changing external environment. It is vital for us to process control mechanism in the body that starts automatically and ensures the survival of humanity as a biological species.

Hans Selye, the famous biologist and one of the most famous researchers stress, wrote:

Contrary to popular belief, we do not have, and not in a position to avoid stress. But we can use it and enjoy it, if you're learning about its mechanism, and to develop appropriate philosophy of life.

As paradoxical as it may sound, but stress - our best helper in many areas. This is the energy of stress often gives us the drive, inspiration, creative imagination, the ability to see non-trivial solutions, open new possibilities to react quickly to the situation.

Stress mobilize internal human resources, due to this we are experiencing emotional lift and get access to his abilities, which previously could not be aware. A simple example of the trainings.

If the leader or the speaker is quiet at 200%, the audience is bored, and quickly lose interest in the proceedings. But a little excitement, "stress performance" leading paint it more emotional vitality, energy, and help to hold the attention of listeners.

Another example of the professional activity.

Many times found themselves in a situation where it is necessary to urgently submit the report or presentation - "you have just half an hour on it to provide the work results." And in this case, the internal mobilization caused the flow of new ideas and solutions that help make the complex job quickly and efficiently. While in a relaxed atmosphere relaxed mind, perhaps I would not have found these solutions ...

If we talk about stress in the usual meaning of his household, as the alarm state, a state of tension, feelings of hopelessness, apathy and chronic fatigue, such stress is harmful to health and reduces the quality of life.

How do I notice that stress ceases to benefit?

The man - a holistic system. And, as in any system, all components are interrelated and influence each other.

  • health or disease of the body determine our thoughts and feelings affect.
  • Our thoughts can cause both a joyful rise and high spirits, and to withdraw in sadness, affect health.
  • Our feelings paint our thoughts and affect the health of the body.

And the first signs of stress also occur simultaneously in our thoughts, feelings, in our body and in our behavior.

If the stress instead of inspiration, creative impulse and activation of mental abilities brings anxiety, poor health, it is important to note as soon as possible its signs and start to work with them. The symptoms of stress - how to notice?

1. In the resource part - fatigue, weakness, a feeling of emptiness that nothing you do not want to do, and we say - "no force". And now, somewhere to disappear without a trace of creativity, dreams go, lost confidence. And yet - we lose power. And it's easy to see:

  • to lose interest in favorite things and pursuits;
  • I want to avoid any communication, even with family and friends;
  • I want to freeze into immobility and do nothing;
  • any movement is given to the obvious physical effort;
  • it is difficult to make decisions, I want to be avoided even basic choice situations.

Start some small unexpected troubles, problems, obstacles on level ground. And all this causes a new wave of anxiety, anger, frustration. We have to exert new efforts to overcome. Fatigue accumulates and intensifies ...

2. In the emotional sphere - signs of stress are mood swings, irritability, asthenic condition (also known as irritable weakness), any effort that needs to be done, causing irritation and anger.

3. The behavior of - this may be changes in eating behavior, or sleep disorders. Loss of appetite, or vice versa appetite grows. Perhaps drawn to sweet. All the usual distraction from the problems increase in number - if it is television, it is almost addictive as a drug can be increased alcohol consumption or smoking.

4. In the field of physiology of the body - our body reacts to stress, too, as a rule, is the most visible sign of lowered immunity. After all, if we start to miss the flu, colds, viral diseases. It seems like only propyl antibiotics and went to the hospital - a week again, all over again. Heart attacks and strokes, gastritis and ulcers of the stomach - literally a scourge of our times. anxiety energy looking for a way through the body. Kinesiology and neurologists say in such cases - "the muscle clamped", "trigger voltage". Indeed, the pressure points often jammed our muscles, tense and literally twisted into a knot. Pain in the cervical spine, headaches and so on. E. There is a consequence of a chronic muscle tension, "holding voltage".

5. The cognitive processes - our attention and memory respond to stress. It becomes difficult to focus on some fact, disappear suddenly from memory the familiar words and concepts that you can not even remember the right word at the right time. This is only a partial list of how stress manifests itself.

If you have marked at least 4-5 and 3-4 signs of stress factors that can cause stress, therefore, should think about how to reduce the level of stress in your life.

To learn how to overcome stress and come out of it without prejudice to the body, it is possible to pass a specialized distance learning course or training on this subject. In our center such courses and workshops we conduct on a regular basis.

The opposite of stress is a resource state - a feeling of fullness and joy of life, the internal energy, alertness, activity, a lot of plans, sustainable steady mood, ease of falling asleep, a sufficient amount of energy for the whole day.

In order to build a bridge from stress and chronic fatigue to resource status, it is important to do a few things:

  • to understand what stress
  • to study the mechanism of its deployment,
  • to know the signs or symptoms of its manifestations,
  • to learn how to manage themselves in stressful situations.

In the workshops and training sessions, participants often say to me: "Well, you can do something with the stress? It's just a feeling! ".

It is indeed the case. But there is good news.

All manifestations of stress are within us.

Similarly, all the manifestations of the resource state.

And to learn to build a bridge from the stress to the resource state, we, of course, be able to pass through it so many times, and when we need be.

Moreover, we can develop a system of preventive action, which, in principle, increase the level of stress and resilience as a whole. And then people will be more confident and calmer feel in many areas, which appeared to be complex and stressful.

It's enough to just a little bit to learn and practice the techniques and tools, which will tell the coach!

We can never know in advance that they can not do something - we can only know what else did not, - says Ellen Langer, 35 years of work devoted to the study of attention.

I wish you to effectively build a bridge from the stress to the resource of joy and harmony!