Human inner world

Human inner world

The wise nature has presented us this priceless gift, as the inner world of man.

It has given man the ability to create their inner world exactly the way he wants!

The surrounding outer world circumstances and conditions of life often are such that a person can not always resist the difficulties and hardships, prevent crises, often unable to control the course of any event - for reasons beyond his control.

Unfavorable conditions of the outside world a man can not always change with all its desires, aspirations and opportunities. This realization brings many people to unbearable pain, suffering enormous frustration and dissatisfaction with life.

In contrast to these adverse environmental factors a person can create a beautiful, prosperous inner world, with a positive outlook and attitude. Due to this perception, people in the outside world tries only to notice the good and positive aspects, evaluate all the events in your life in a positive way.

The inner world of man can be infinitely varied: it can be harmonious or controversial, beautiful or ugly, rich or spiritually poor, positive or negative, emotionally-colored or emotionally indifferent, open or closed. But whatever it was, each person's inner world is original, unique and unrepeatable!

  • In some it is filled with positive feelings and emotions: love, kindness, joy, vitality and light, radiating heat to the outside world. As a consequence, such people feel happy and satisfied with life. They understand that man's happiness does not depend on external conditions, and the state of inner peace.
  • In the other dominated by negative feelings of hatred, anger, boredom. In their inner world is in spiritual emptiness and darkness, spilling to the outside world is hostile and cold indifference. Such people believe that the whole world around us and all the people around to blame for their misery and suffering. They do not realize that the reason for their dissatisfaction with life is hidden in them.
  • In the third in the inner world is a constant struggle of positive and negative senses, generating intrapersonal conflict and spilling to the outside world the appropriate emotions. The cause of these contradictions such people see not only in themselves but also in the outside world.

All that man is full within - seen in the outside world, as a reflection in a mirror, providing their constructive or destructive impact on human life.

The problem with many people is that they are not aware of the relationship between the inner world of man and the surrounding outside world, do not understand what the cause of their unhappiness or, on the contrary, the consequence of happiness is a state of inner peace, of its contents. Man is given unlimited freedom to choose what he will fill your inner self. In his inner world in his small country, it is - a full-fledged ruler, owner, creator and the creator of your life. And only depends on him, what kind of life he wants to establish itself.

Life to be happy, a beautiful, prosperous and harmonious, then his whole being should be filled with positive thoughts and desires, positive perception and sensations, feelings and emotions, moral values ​​and the constant quest for knowledge, spiritual development and enrichment. The ability to manage their inner world brings great happiness and satisfaction in life.