Become self-confident - myth or reality?

"I do not have enough self-confidence,"

"Do unto others get to be so sure of yourself?"

"I'm always a doubt."

For these words, I often hear the vain hope of making any move, to know in advance that the result coincides with the expectation that I will win, I will be right.

In short, we need guarantees.

The most rational part of our mind, of course, whispers that it does not happen - is not possible to predict the course of events. But listen to it because you do not want. After all, if it turns out that self-confidence, their decisions and actions - just a tale.

We have no way to predict and plan all the circumstances, both external and internal, which will affect our decision and the general course of events. And this uncertainty does not give us a chance to know exactly what is desired is reached exactly as intended.

And if you leave the fairy princesses, and the prediction fortune tellers, the self-confidence - is not nothing but a willingness to be with the whole range of experiences, that can overtake us as a result of one or another of our actions.

What will happen, nobody knows.

And this uncertainty brings fear and fear.

And that's fine.

To do so, not to be afraid - it is impossible to.

The fear we need. He has a chance to protect yourself. And it was an attempt to avoid the fear makes us insecure.

Not of the consequences we are afraid. We are afraid of their own feelings and experiences, which can run into.

Therefore the word of self-doubt tell me that a person is not ready to face with himself, with their feelings, worries, and those same fears.

Then I of course want to be cynical, and just say, "from that nobody died" ... although, perhaps, with this statement, and you can bet if we consider the whole picture of human life.

But it is an illusion that the self-confidence - this is when it is not terrible, destroying the possibility to become a confident person.

Sure - the word faith. Believe in yourself.

The belief that I can be with you when I'm here to experience such unpleasant emotions.

For example.

I feel confident in their profession? Yes.

But this does not mean that I know for sure that I would win in all circumstances.

Each time after the first meeting with a new client, I'm afraid. It scares me the unknown. I can perfectly know the workings of the mind, the laws of nature and of our nature ... but every time I meet with an unknown history of me, the new special person, it at no one like the inner world, especially the reactions and feelings. It scares. A chill runs from the navel to the chest, breathing becomes shallow, as if afraid to fully inflate the lungs - afraid to admit to himself by his own fears.

Stop being afraid at times like this means to me "sick starry disease". It is about the lack of not only development, but also of myself in my life.

This state of the robot. A robot is able to act only in the programmed situations, not more. Be sure the same for me to believe in what I soorientiruyus unfamiliar task, be able to search, and therefore most likely to find solutions.

Stay alive, find the courage to step into the unknown, it helps me as my belief in what I can. Courage - is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to go for fear while doing what you need now!.

A voice inside reminds quiet and this is even more sure word of parents. They cheer, comfort, give forces. It does not matter whether the similar voice to the voice of your real parents or is the voice that you were able to grow within themselves instead of what it was not possible to give you mom and dad. Both options work for the benefit of you. And this is important.