It is useful to love?

It is useful to love?

is useful to love ?!

As anyone, but personally I like it!

I think that almost every one of you once in my life felt that she loved another with all my heart and all my soul. And that no other such in the whole world, and in other galaxies too. This feeling can harmoniously woven into the life and person and fill it from the inside.

The question still is different: what should remain, or what is still this same love in the human heart.

I believe that when a person truly loves - he lives. Patients have not love, do not allow yourself to love or to be an unloved man. It is my personal opinion, I let this bit idealistic, but it is also a special feeling, which in the strict framework of concepts and theories do not fit.

For me, this particular condition, and the feeling of man's relation to the other. I will not go into a description of each is something different, especially since I'm not trying to give a scientific definition of what this feeling.

But it is important to make one remark: it is difficult to take love or emotional dependency and put next to the feeling I'm talking about. This does not mean that I exclude the presence of love with emotional dependency, but to draw attention to the fact that the attitude towards the man emerged not quite mature and realize that you can be emotionally difficult consequences for each participant in a pair for themselves the relationship as a whole. Here I want to share with you my reflections and conclusions from the life of their own and other people.

Whatever love story sad or happy, lucky man that he met the love that I loved, even if this love has not found an answer. I do not have this sense of meter, but there is a strong conviction that those who loved and love - happy people.

And I'm happy, too, though my great and pure love has brought in its time a lot of pain, resentment and frustration. But I grew up in this suffering that has learned to appreciate and live this feeling, no matter what. Although there has been a desire to once spit on everything and become a ruthless and cynical, but for a long time I did not have it already was not me.

Now I can honestly love and not be ashamed of your feelings, however much it may be mutual. I love itself, and I am happy in itself. Whom I love - that's another story, this relationship is that in me, that I feel inside, it does not require words and the overall survey. This is something that is actually very difficult to describe in words, and to adhere to any particular theory. This feeling, on the one hand, beyond space and time, but on the other - the fact that we are constantly, here and now. Therefore, love is not a shame, but sometimes it is forbidden or not mutual.

Love is not terrible, but it's definitely changing lives dramatically.

Love is possible, even though it sometimes seems that there is no more strength.

You can love, even when the world around is crumbling and it seems that the continuation of the relationship can not be - the passions die down, quiet down a storm and something will be different.

You can love and the person who made the unbearable pain, because love forgives everything.

And you can be angry at the one whom you love very much.

It seems that with all the love possible and possible!

Take care of love and do not pass by!

P. S. I love you - it's great!