How to learn to communicate with the opposite sex?

The relationship between the sexes - a topic exciting, and potentially embarrassing, in spite of the openness of our society in matters of sex and love.

Rather, that is why even the modern teenager is even more difficult to communicate with the opposite sex than the generation of people brought up in the Soviet era. Sexual propaganda makes not see the person, and a man or a woman, who in their physiological (even large anatomic) parameters suitable to have sex with him.

Can you imagine how difficult it is, for example, the young man was just to be the theme for the beginning of the conversation with the contemporary, in which they see only the bust and the ass?

It should also be noted that the tightness and stress tests not only youth, but also adults of all ages. Only metaphorically speaking, "bust" being drawn attention to themselves, each will have its own. For women over thirty, for example, it is very often the financial well-being of men, and men of the same age it is important that the chosen one let them complain about the failures in life and to justify their own laziness and greed.

As you can see, it is not so easy to find a common language with the person, especially if it is of the opposite sex, but not impossible. So what do you need to learn how to communicate with those who are not one with your gender identity? I will not pull the cat's tail, and I must say the main thing: the main thing - is to understand that communication from the word "general" and it is on that brings people together, and develops the interaction between them. What does this mean in practical terms?

How can this knowledge help to find approaches to other people and communicate with them?

First of all, it's a hint: it all begins with the search of what you - you personally - interested. And then let us point by point.

  1. Think about what field of activity you like.

    For example, if you have your own business, you can develop it in such a way to communicate with many people. This, incidentally, is a wonderful option of where to look for a man for a relationship successful business women that was not a gigolo, and liked. Naturally, you can meet, get close and start to communicate regularly with someone who meets you in your studies. And everything is very simple - you do what you are able to, develop, and communicate freely with anyone who meets you along the way. The key point for success in private life here - that's what you strive for more, and is constantly evolving.

  2. to What are the phenomena of social life you are attracted to.

    Like rock music? Then you direct road to the "Invasion". Interested in diving? Places where the train and dive enthusiasts of this sport, available in almost any city, at your service. I love to dance in front of an audience? A bit of training with an experienced teacher, and for you to open multiple scenes in the shopping malls, parks, a recreation center. Well, I think you have misunderstood me.

  3. Maybe you are attracted to science? Or politics? Or banking? Yes anything, if only you yourself liked it and you should be proactive to find like-minded people and to communicate with them (but only live, not on the Internet).

Now, let us return to the difficulties that hinder communicate. That is the fact that a person can not maintain a dialogue. It prevents it to do what you can not just know, but you do not need it. Just something to be interested and want to understand it. Look for a not far-fetched, but a real, lively interest.

However, interest is not limited, it is important to look more and the people with whom you will have something to talk about on equal footing.

Here's a simple secret. When you will be able to apply these guidelines in your life, then very soon will feel how easy you become converge with people. And then and only then you will no longer see the woman only woman, or even just its "bust" and see her as a person, which is interesting just to talk.