Test Drive Who needs your truth ?!

It is interesting to talk with people who know a lot, have seen a lot, a lot where there were - with those whose life experience and outlook goes beyond the ordinary and repetitive.

At first, everything just fine, and you will revel in intercourse with a man, but as long as your communication will not become closer and deeper. At some point, a person can become too complicated for you, and communion with him is not entirely clear. It is often the place of interest comes the choice of simple and convenient.

After all, how convenient are the people who have everything well. Asked how things like expressed interest - and it's all right. And if he said he did not very much, so it's - in other people's problems dive ?! Many are looking for where and how easier.

So live and however wisely, but it is important to stay close to someone who is sick and difficult. Yes, not many will be able to sustain it, and even fewer of those who do not consciously keep away, and even closer. This is a real test drive for those who still may be near.

Have you noticed that people's attitudes to each other changed? What issues have become more formal, the answers are shorter and also a set of standard phrases? That sincerity and naivete is considered a pathology in the modern world of human relations? It is a pity, but I still these ideas to keep yourself, because it is for me very important. Have you ever wondered what to talk frankly very difficult to and now it becomes a thousand times more difficult because people have lost the habit of it, are not ready or were never willing to accept, if only because, in their view of the world no such values ​​as honesty and acceptance in relationships with other people.

How is it that resents my inside when then build relationships? What I get is a very simple and understandable answer is as easy and better. And where is the depth, I'll ask again, but I hear that it is not necessary to anybody. So it is possible only with the most intimate and trusted person, and even then not all and not always possible to meet this in my life. And they are simple and straightforward, such as, but deep inside the wound, closed, and no one understood, because by that people are not ready.

Strange to write all of this and do not admit that I too can live like that, and when I'm interested about the case, to answer that all is well.

But in fact, it may be more difficult, but interesting. Do not be afraid, do not need to take full responsibility for the other person's problem, just listen and Stay close, from you nothing else is required! You are not God, to change a person's life! Most do not want to hear the truth and want to hear that, "All right!". Yes, in what order? the world is going crazy! .. I understand perfectly scary to learn that close, or not very close to any problems, but the most terrible indifference that has lodged in our hearts. Do not let them harden completely. After all, in the heart of love lives!

I would like to finish with a quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery from "The Little Prince":

Zorko one heart. The most important thing the eyes can not see.