Why starvation diets do not work

Why starvation diets do not work

This article I want to dedicate to people who fear diets, and it is believed that a diet - it's sure to strike.

Articles that I write about diets, based on science, on the anatomy data, biophysics and biochemistry. The data that I take - is open serious investigations, mainly in English. In general, you want to believe, and not - it's true.

low-calorie diet and hormones

Any reduction in daily calories to 1200 and below leads for a series of internal changes, and is less than the percentage of fat you have, the worse and more quickly the effects of malnutrition. The process of change looks like this:

  • falling levels of TSH hormones, FSH and LH;
  • reduction in the level of sex hormones and thyroid gland;
  • a negative effect on the secretion of somatokrinina;
  • reduction in the rate of metabolism and activity of the nervous system;
  • reduction in the level of dopamine and leptin;
  • increase in cortisol levels of neuropeptide Y. The

These processes do not occur immediately, but changes the mechanism is moving faster and faster, telling your brain that the body is bad, he wants to eat. Against this background, the body begins to gradually adapt to the hunger strike. How?

  • Lowering insulin levels, which protects against splitting muscle.
  • Increased cortisol, which increases protein degradation, stimulates the production of glucose in the liver.
  • The decline of sex hormones leads to an unwillingness and / or inability to lovemaking.
  • Thyroid problems, including the problem of conversion of T4 to T3 in the liver, which leads to an increase in blood percent fatty acids and resistance to thyroid hormone.
  • Too High cortisol water retention in the body decreases the work of the entire nervous system, slowing metabolism.

What are trying to do the body during a hunger strike.

Our body goes into survival state. To survive, hormones shut off all activity that requires energy expenditure. When you are starving, you do not need any reproductive system or the immune. Slowing down fat burning speed.

The most important goal in your body at this time - to eat. All hormones are combining their signals in one direction, so you hear them - in appetite and hunger.

What to do?

To begin, check out my article on the topic of weight loss, many things will become clear. For a clear picture of your state of the organism and can be need to be tested.

  • protein digestibility may suggest a blood test for a protein,
  • blood clotting by Kwik determine the inclination or the presence of blood clots,
  • required as liver biochemistry check.
  • Analyzes on hormones: testosterone, cortisol, leptin, T3 and T4, estradiol, progesterone, prolactin, LH, FSH.

Of course, you need to consult with your doctor, at least there are certain conditions for the delivery of certain hormones. Decryption can be found on the Internet at medical websites or consult a doctor .

Remember that cut calories should be gradual, not more than 5-10% of the time from the main exchange.

Try to find a professional to help you correct it correct diet and prepare you psychologically for further changes.