I do it for yourself married him, I have and spread

This article will be short and to the point. It is about the fact that men are less drastic than a woman, and what this means.

When a woman wants a serious relationship, and the man resists because of his indecision, the woman has no choice but how to do everything, so that speed up the wedding or marriage. For example, the "accidental" pregnancy.

And if a man is honest, it is, of course, marries.

And if he is clearly confident and capable of understanding that will continue to be bad or that this woman he's just "having fun", he throws it, well, if the money helps with the child.

Of course, there are exceptions, when a woman is pregnant and then there was a wedding. But! These men have internally agreed that it is their woman, and they were ready to get married. They did not open from the wedding and the child. This is a key difference.

Or, if a man is very well responsible, adequate and confident - then it will be easy to live, as it were "live out" his days with the family, without the feeling of happiness ... and it's too sad.

If it is not pregnancy, then in various other ways women can organize their life together. We are considering if the relationship is still formed on the initiative of women. And why do they lead to failure.

Why is this happening?

Because the man is not really ready for a serious relationship. He is not ready to take responsibility for the woman, life, money, children, and in general I want to be with her every day. Only the women do not all understand it. Men either directly or indirectly, but always it is reported.

  • He explicitly states that it is not ready for a serious relationship, it does not have their own housing, it is still not enough earn, it takes time, I need to be sure you and so on. P.
  • indirectly - this is when it is correspondence or meeting with other women, leaving himself the right to choose another. He may then disappear, then appear to drink a lot and spend a lot of time with friends, it compares with other women in conversations, avoiding serious conversations about the future, about the children.

A women commit folly that they ignore all the messages that give them a man and - to persuade, manipulate, - doing everything that a man was with them.

And what is the result? The spoiled life.

Such marriages in 99% of cases come to the divorce. Just because a man makes a woman's life unbearable. When he realizes the seriousness of what living with an unloved woman because was indecisive and could not refuse - he also, being in a relationship can not say, "I made a mistake and do not want to be with you." He did not have the courage to refuse the same way as at the beginning of.

He will begin to drink, walk, quit his job to find another woman, and perhaps more than one, and there will be nothing to hide - He will subconsciously seek to ensure that the woman again made the choice myself. Choosing to disperse. And then it will be fine - when all decide for him. Only now the woman will happen terrible .

She does not understand how it all organized. She will think that this is it bad and spoil her life. Low self-esteem, constant voltage and more - that's what awaits her.

If you recognize yourself in this article, it does not matter, you are a man or a woman, it is important you understand the following - Why do you need all this?

If you are a woman, it is important to urgently go to a psychologist and work on themselves, maybe there is an opportunity to save something. And if not, it is correct to divorce and do not repeat their mistakes.

If you are a man, you understand exactly what you want. If the woman you calmly and well, if it is worthy, then, maybe it's still worth it to choose consciously and independently? Invite her to marry you again to marry and make a small ceremony? Or is it to understand that it is not yours, and go without torturing himself or her and may not torture children.

This topic is not easy, but you can solve a lot and be happy with the help of a specialist or a conscious responsibility.