Humorous test of Freud

Humorous test of Freud

The classic psychoanalysis mysterious

and causes some apprehension in people whose lives want to scan through its prism.

At the same time we have taken for granted the most common symptoms are manifestations of our unconscious - such as reservations, clerical, associations ...

Based on the classical psychoanalysis of Freud's grandfather founded is not a psychological theory. In the field of psychotherapy is also successfully developing modern trends.

Even all your favorite games and comic tests often have psychoanalytical basis.

We would like to offer you another humorous test Sigmund Freud, which is the job based on your imagination, associations.

The main condition of the test:

speak without thinking, to speak, seemingly, even the most absurd thoughts that come to mind.

When a person begins a long time to analyze the response, it tries it to the other party, to the situation, the values, ideals and our society. We always want to look like a winner, not only to the interlocutor, but also by himself, that is impeding self-knowledge.

Spontaneous response - a splash of unconscious feelings.

Read the question. Close your eyes.

Better when someone reads to you, and you at this time with his eyes closed. Catch the first image, the first thought. Hurry up, before going to work or stereotyped response including the situation analysis. Record the result and move on to the next question.

So test.

  1. Before you sea. What is it? Catch their attitude, the sensations.
  2. But now the forest. First, you watch it from the sidelines.

    How he do? What trees grow there? As far as it is thick, beautiful, terrible, or attractive? ..

    Then imagine that you walk into the forest. How do you comfortable in it?

  3. Gulls! How many of them? How do they behave? Your feelings?
  4. Horses! How do you imagine them? What I want to do?
  5. In the desert sooooo wall with a small opening, which was an oasis.

    What will you do? Describe in detail their actions.

  6. Do you really want to drink. In front of you in the water vessels. Imagine how many containers you see (one or two, three, ten ...) What kind of vessels that look like? Some will choose to quench your thirst? It is important - Determine immediately with a choice of either going to question, or all take off your sample? Maybe something else. But to you or imagined, write!
  7. It's getting dark. You're in the woods. Home far away. I see through the thicket of the house. It shines the window. What are you going to do?
  8. And finally - the fog! What is it? What feelings, feelings in the fog?


1. The sea - this is your idea of ​​life. At the same time, the attitude towards love.

2. Forest - reflects the feelings of everyday reality. It conveys the emotions experienced by the family.

3. Seagulls - reflected image of women.

4. Horses - male image. Relationship with men.

5. The ability to achieve goals. Relationship life obstacle.

6. Your sexuality and its reflection in the choice of partner.

7. Log into someone's home - it is an experience of sensations as you are ready to enter another person's life, to trust him, to give up part of his life. In general, it can be interpreted as a willingness to marry.

8. Mist - a strong image. It was used in rituals and witchcraft. Symbol and reflection of death. How do you feel about him?

We remind you that "there is some truth in every joke."

Here you will find more than just a test formulation.

You can use this technique quite seriously,

but only when accompanied by interpretation and competent expert who owns psychoanalysis.