Psychoanalysis? - Select respectable man

Our unconscious is fraught with a lot of very important for us.

Everything that we once knew, hear, speak, see, feel, think, feel - all of our experience, our intuition, the answers to all our questions - in our unconscious.

It is not surprising that psychoanalysis - a method to get out of the unconscious, all we need - as demand from its inception to the present day.

Developed in the late XIX - early XX century Austrian Professor Sigmund Freud, psychoanalysis has loudly declared itself and quickly gained popularity. Then he experienced the many segments of the population: from the mentally ill to the mentally healthy people of high society who want to understand something, or change in your life.

Psychoanalysis is not in place.

Since the days of Sigmund Freud, much has changed. This is not taken into account only the libido, as it was in the beginning. Students, colleagues, successors of Freud's case since the end of the XIX century to the present day have done many discoveries that psychoanalysis brought to a qualitatively new level.

Interestingly, the method of free association - method of the founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud - favorite method of my clients (those with whom you are working within the framework of psychoanalysis). It is used by psychoanalysts of all countries for more than a century and, of course, supplemented by other modern techniques, steadfastly works and gives excellent results. But why psychoanalysis? After all, I usually work in the cognitive-behavioral direction in which to change themselves, their lives, their attitude to life and to achieve a stable result can be a relatively short time (10-20 meetings with the difficult symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks, psychosomatic, IRR, GAD).

I believe that the demand for psychoanalysis is because the person is interested in himself as a person and his inner world, which is, unfortunately, more often abandoned for the sake of our ever-increasing pace of time.

Everyone - it is a huge universe. And it is always interesting to look into the world of thoughts and experiences in the world of mysteries and discoveries in the world, which makes life itself - in his inner world.

  • Why did we do so and not otherwise?
  • Why do we have all made up like this?
  • How do we attract to ourselves certain people and certain events?

Find out all this and aims to psychoanalysis.

only in psychoanalysis can work through the full depth of his nature, to understand, to find themselves.

Interestingly, some of my clients change their lives in the course of psychoanalysis as they want - and some prefer not to change anything, but only recognize themselves more and more . "Recognize yourself - the greatest value. Surprisingly, to psychoanalysis, I myself did not know " - Shares one of my clients, allowing to quote her words in the article. Know yourself thoroughly - a difficult and interesting work. Therefore, people are opening themselves by psychoanalysis, deserve great respect.

When I was recorded on psychoanalysis, I explain that all situations can be solved by other options, those that are faster:

  • one-time consultation with the modern methods for solving certain difficult situation;
  • a cognitive-behavioral approach to the different types of depression, anxiety and psychosomatic disorders.

And when a person, knowing this, it is still going on psychoanalysis, wanting to know myself, I think it's a really solid choice.