Treats not the time treated people (about psychic trauma)

Everyone knows that the trauma is dangerous.

Everyone knows that the traumatized person changes, it can be sad, unsociable, something different from the others and are not the same as before.

And in fact, if you do not take any action to improve the state of health after experiencing an adverse event, psychological trauma can be quite dangerous for the psyche, and even have irreversible consequences.

It is important to. The support and understanding of others are very important in the early stages of the injury rate. The best thing to do: to listen and treat with understanding. Such actions can really help a person cope and return to his former life.

But when the process of change of mentality on the mental background of trauma has already begun, and the soothing words of encouragement will look like a band-aid on the turn. It seems that the person is trying to help, but this assistance at this stage is completely useless.

That is why it is important to see a specialist as soon as the first bells seen. After all, the sooner treatment begins, the faster and easier it will be to return the person to a normal life.

The consequences of trauma

If we consider the worst case, when a person does not work and there was no specialist support of ordinary people during or immediately after the trauma, it will entail a number of negative consequences. neurotic disorders. As an example, no one pays attention to the incident, and the man on the advice of others begins to drive away the thought of injury, despite the fact that emotions are being asked out. Nervous system simply can not cope with the load. As a consequence, there is fatigue, irritability, sleep problems, chronic fatigue.

If we turn to a psychologist at this stage, there is every chance of returning to a normal life in a few meetings.

If no action is taken, the next phase.

psychosomatic disorders. During evolution, we have formed the emotions that make us one way or another to respond, and while the reaction is not followed, they will not disappear. Even negative feelings we need to mobilize (fight or flight). If no response, the internal stress increases, suppressed emotions start knocking through the body.

At this stage it can manifest anything you want, but most often a lump in the throat and pain in the heart. Stroke can combat the weakest place that everyone is different. It is also often put vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Turn to a psychologist at this stage is also important. The result of the joint work of man will return to normal, but it will take longer. Psychopathy. If ignored and Psychosomatics (medication only suppressed the symptoms) personality disorder occurs in about 10 years after the experienced trauma. Part of the personality, which was very painful, just dies, and it is no more. Man ceases to feel (or empathize with others), and react at least something similar situations, taking them as the norm.

I note, though psychopathy can not be cured (it turns out that there is already nothing to cure), still often have the opportunity to correct the behavior of the person, so that any deviations will be almost imperceptible, and for others it would be a normal person.

In addition, the above-described state is almost always accompanied by depression, which is known to be a man pulls out all the juice, lowering the emotional background, performance, and all the functions of the nervous system in general.

If you happen to survive the trauma, whether it is a stressful condition or adverse events, and one feels that one does not manage, you should know:

treats is not the time, treat people.