The influence of mothers on a woman's life from conception until ...

The influence of mothers on a woman's life from conception until ...

Mom can reject or be cold

be rigid or indifferent,

and can strangle his love, attention and control.

And in fact, and in another case the daughter's happiness that does not work ...

Very often, the relationship with her mother - it shouts, recriminations, pain, misunderstanding, unwillingness to tolerate ...

"Why did you give birth to me?" In exchange for "I put on your life, and you!" ...

It is a conflict that is very difficult to resolve. Each - their own truth, their own pain, their attitude to what is happening.

Sometimes this process open, loud, unbearable their tragic. And sometimes hidden. Outwardly, all right, calm, but inside the cat scratch or emptiness. Mom is like the next ... But its not ...

From the moment of conception of a future relationship of mother and daughter are predetermined. The long-awaited pregnancy is - or have thought about abortion and the news of the pregnancy caused the woman to fear, terror, disagreement? Will the woman to wait 9 months, or one-third of the period to decide whether to leave or not? Currently, advanced technology, we know that the baby is feeling and "hear" the thoughts of his mother ...

Births. His unconscious adult daughter will always see the mother who caused incredible suffering. Starting from the moment of birth, when the inhuman pain during passage through the birth canal squeezes the head and the daughter is exiled from paradise womb.

His unconscious memory daughter sees in the mother, which is not allowed to be themselves. And often it is accompanied by shouts, slaps, demeaning words, the lack of it there when she was needed ... All the same is true in reverse. The daughter of the mother - the source of suffering. It is a source of terrible anguish generic, sleepless nights, sometimes cries all night, and tears.

And at every stage of growing up and interacting with his mother laid and develop specific processes, which will continue to affect the lives of women who actually depend on them, it will be happy or not.

The first stage - from birth to three years,. This is the period when the newborn daughter is totally dependent on the mother.

  • If the mother kind, gentle, emotionally open, it creates a child so-called "basic confidence in the world ': an inner sense of security and belief that the world around us - it is a friendly, comfortable place and resource.
  • If the mother is cold, caring enough or aggressive, then the girl for life can form anxiety, irrational fear to live, a tendency to melancholy and inability to enjoy life.

In the second stage of development (between the ages of three to six to seven years) the greatest influence on the formation of personality girl becomes a father. It was he who taught her to communicate with a man's world, it shows how to interact married man and woman.

The role of the mother in this period - to continue to give love, affection and acceptance, not trying to compete with her husband for the right to raise a child. If the mother and father are not in the best of terms, if the father is not fulfilling its functions and their takes on the mother if the girl deprived of independence, as is done overly doting mother - that she formed a distorted view of male and female social roles of his "I" suffers her self-esteem, social responsibility, diligence, commitment, femininity. At the age of seven years after the Girl returns under the mother's wing, but no longer as a child, but as a small woman. The task of mothers - gently and with love to teach the art of being the daughter of his wife, mother, hostess. But, unfortunately, instead of accepting and understanding daughter often by mothers encounter criticism and distrust, increased control, bans ...

Deprived of unconditional maternal love and positive life example, a girl stops growing. Psychologically, it gets stuck in adolescence with his characteristic complexes and self-doubt, fear, irresponsibility, disorientation. Growing up physically, emotionally she is "ignoramus." She carries a pile of prejudices and taboos that prevent her whole life to be happy.

As a result, the relationship with the mother affect the rest of his life daughter.

  • On the attitude towards him ( "with me that something is wrong," "I'm kind of not right," hands do not grow out of the place).
  • On relations with men (there is no relationship, or they do not suit you, there are not the same men, or you have a lot of complaints about the men, or they constantly criticize and find fault with you).
  • On the attitude toward money and material goods (money back to back, or they are given great difficulty and effort).
  • On the strategy of behavior in life (to allow themselves to use / be comfortable all the time to fight with the world for a place under the sun / argue / survive).
  • On the health (physical and emotional - illness, fatigue, apathy, depression).
  • In the non-realization in life, in society, at work, in the works (most often do what is necessary, and not what you like).

That is, a grown woman, and she already has his own life, but the "tail" extends her childhood ...

It is therefore important to look into the relationship with her mother - to see to be honest, that in them there is the role played by my mother, how it has affected your life and heal itself from this influence. And yet it is important to find resources that carries a mom that will unleash your potentials and talents, gain support and love.

All this is possible by working with the image of my mother through the initiation and the subconscious. We again are living their childhood, "rewriting" life program the way we want to. The result is firmly fixed in the form of new skills, habits, attitudes and behavioral norms.

Such a woman is more confident and coherent, freed from negative emotions that have accumulated since childhood, she has the energy and offers a taste of life again, getting better personal life and relationships with children, at work and / or creativity occurs heyday. It becomes abundant, blossoming, successful and happy!