Why to heal the relationship with his mother?

Unfortunately, almost all of us have problems with their mothers.

In some cases they are explicit, and sometimes these problems are hidden.

Often come to me clients who feel that they have no difficulties associated with mothers. But if you come to therapy it means that something in your life you do not like. And I dare say that all of the requests that we decide on a consultation anyway send us to the topic of the mother.

That gives us a profound study of the "mother" of the question?

Mom - a woman who has a magical effect on our lives. All our feelings, emotions, character, behavior, everyday setting - is the fruit of her labor. If you live in a bad fairy tale when you seem to be doing everything right, but it does not work if you stuck a painful sense of "with me that something is not right", if in life you "unlucky" - most often it is just the result of maternal influence.

The problem is that the is often the degree of maternal responsibility in our life situations are not obvious at first glance. unbearably tragic that mothers sometimes quite unconsciously, and often with the best intentions to cause irreparable harm to their daughters, in fact poisoning of their present and future.

For example, a mother who was too caring and anxiety for the child, rather we characterize as well. But his daughter a mother will have a tendency to neurosis, does not learn to show independence, will always be in a state of inexplicable stress. Mom often, having read clever books, start to feed the baby for the hour or refuse to take your hands too often (remember the infamous Dr. Spock?).

Or, if the child is taken away too early from its mother's breast (do not produce milk, my mother went to work early) - in a girl is likely to be a problem with overeating and consequently, obesity.

What can we say about how hard it is necessary for women whose mothers were cold, cruel, stripped of their tenderness, understanding, love? ..

List of issues that we can be "obliged" to our mothers, is extremely wide.

But these problems can be solved. Path is difficult and not fast, but possible. After imaging, through meditation and initiation we can get rid of undue influence, and to find the resources to live differently, to be a true, to discover their talents and potentials. Be happy, beloved, realized the woman in the family, at work, in the work, in society ...

The result of this work the woman is changing lives:

  • significantly improved relations with men (almost always) - it does not matter whether you have a loved one or you just can not find "his only";
  • changed attitude to itself: changing (not flies) self-esteem, self-confidence - as a result there is a career or professional growth;
  • increased welfare (defective motherboard installation often become a source of financial problems);
  • there is confidence in the world (you get rid of unfounded fears, depression, feelings of loneliness and abandonment, you begin to perceive the world as comfortable and resource location that meets your needs);
  • cured chronic diseases (in a relationship with her mother as psychosomatic !!!);
  • leave bad habits (overeating, smoking, and even chemical dependency);
  • solved the problems in the relationship with their children;
  • increases the quality of life: you begin to hear their emotions, feelings, desires. You really feel the taste of life. You have a passion, a hobby - and, most importantly, time and money on them.

Therefore, I invite to start to heal himself, his life and his relationship with his mother!