How to keep a man

How to keep a man

Frequently'm training for psychological reasons celibacy and noticed a common question: as well as the man to keep the?

What you need to do such a useful, that he was with me?

Therefore, in the article I shall paint my opinion. A man does not need to hold. Never.

The problem of most of the girls at the time, when she wants to get married and have not yet taken, the other - it task does not scare off a man.

Do not scare your behavior:

  • increased attentiveness to his person,
  • jealousy,
  • tasks for the future,
  • with questions about how he sees your relationship.

That is, if to say the least. But there are girls who are constantly calling to the man with the question of how he was doing, at the time when it is running. They begin to make his mind about the fact that he was late for ten minutes. They behave as if they were married for ten years, but in fact there are three weeks.

The girl that wants to keep a man usually makes quite stupid and reckless actions. And these actions it is a man, of course, scary. Any adult will think about it and whether we should similar behavior is observed for the rest of your life? Concludes that - no, and with the idea that he was right - away safely.

If, however, she realizes that the man "escapes", and begins to call him and ask where he went missing - a man only once again convinced that he made the right choice!

This behavior is most likely a subconscious fear that it might quit and leave one. And the patient is born the idea that if I do about it "care" in the head, it will remain with me. And if it will "cut", he is bound to change their behavior and change. Most of the girls with this behavior do not even realize what they are doing! This behavior will necessarily lead to the separation, because I repeat - a man such behavior is frightening!

How to act and behave properly?

What is right for one relationship, it may not be right for others. But there are common elements that affect building quality relationships.

1. It is important to engage in a more than relations.

No need to "dive into a relationship with the head" - the head should think. If you immerse yourself in the relationship completely - that is, the risk of burn out quickly and get bored with the partner. If you meet often and for long periods, then you will not have time to elementary miss each other.

Therefore, all the things that you did before relations can not be cast. Relationship - it's not the most important thing in life. Yes, they are important, but in addition to the relationship is important: to work, to grow, to relax and have fun. And if you are able to do all of the above, without being distracted by the partner, but incorporating it into your life - you will be more likely that it will be interesting.

2. From the first it follows that is not necessary to partner once again distracting. Imagine that you are busy. All those from the previous list. And you are constantly distracted. You are in negotiations or in the office of the boss - and you call to find out how you were doing. You are in the classroom - and the phone is broken, and you instead of listening to the lecture, write in the messenger, where you are and how much there still will be. Are you pleased when you distracted? That's it - no. It is important to communicate in moderation. 3. Do not rush things. There is nothing worse than a girl who is in his mind plans for a man before he looked at her. Far not every relationship ends an official marriage.

I understand that I want to believe that he is the only and the rest of his life. Is not a fact. Your task is to meet and build relationships. Look at yourself and at it and understand what you want to come. To do this will take time. And you definitely need to know what you want to be with him for a long time.

In the first six months it is not useful to make any conclusions and make decisions. Unless you decide not to leave, because it does not suit you. But go mentally as the wife to marry him and deal with him - it is not necessary. Otherwise, you simply scare. The decision on the marriage takes man's position is a girl to accept or refuse.

Perhaps this is the cornerstone of women's behavior, which lead to the beginning of a serious relationship. If a man "hold", then nothing good will come. But if you live your life, enjoy his calls and time spent together - the chances are that he will want to be with you, there will be more.

Understand one thing:

a man marries a woman when it it is better than without it.

From this, and we must make a start at building relationships.