I want to die, what can I do?

I want to die, what can I do?

It is necessary to perform the feat - to save himself.

The most straightforward solution - contact one of the professionals: a psychologist, psychotherapist or psychiatrist.

And as quickly as possible.

This is the moment when one is difficult enough to get out and need help of other people, those who are willing and able to help.

Step by step instructions of how to get free help

  • Find phone number of trust of your city, telephone crisis hotlines - usually psychologists these numbers around the clock.
  • To phone. Call different phone numbers. Sometimes it takes time, because other people to seek help.
  • Say: "I think about suicide, what can I do to prevent this?" Chances are, you kindly talk heart to heart, so that you become a little bit better.
  • Follow the instructions of the psychologist helpline. Namely: take the address where help cope with the dire state. In the near future to go to the experts to whom you sent the hotline.
  • Pass the necessary treatment. Psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists tend to be friendly people. They just will not detract from your senses, as is often done in the psychology of people are uninitiated (who simply do not understand what is really happening to you). Experts understand how hard for you, your nervous system and know in what condition a difficult thing to do, that everything was back to normal.

Do not be afraid to be put on the account in a mental hospital. When you feel good, you can apply for it to have removed from the register.

Do you know tell?

With us and around us may be quite different events, we can be in a variety of circumstances, which may be simply intolerable. At such times it is important to understand that there are people who are willing and able to help.

They do not know that you need help, if you do not tell them about it.

Therefore it is important to say, it is important to share with your family, relatives, friends, psychologists - with whom you are more comfortable and useful to know, you only talk.

Support is important.

Share your thoughts with loved ones, whom you trust and who are willing to listen. It should be borne in mind that people tend to get scared when they hear such terrible things to their understanding. They have their own psychological defense can work, because they may think that you are joking or that it is actually not so serious. And at the same time you are dear to them, and they really want to help.

People can not understand you, not because they are stupid, on the contrary, they may be even Nobel Prize winners or different household psychologists, but, unfortunately, in the school course was not and is not the subject of "psychology", which would provide at least some bases understanding of what can happen to a person and as an important psychological comfort for everyone. If you are sharing, but you can see that the person is not ready to talk with you on such a difficult subject for him - refer to another, or call the hotline again. Tell us what you are concerned and that might not have time to tell you the last time. If you feel that there is such a need.

Fight for yourself and your life, because life - the most valuable thing we have.

If there is life, there is a chance to cope with everything.