What prevents a woman meet the love? major errors

Often during consultations hear:

"I can not find true love!"

"What's wrong with me? We all have a couple of but me ... "

"We just have all the women in the family unhappy."

Of course, any of us would like to be happy in a relationship, create a pair with the one you love, to live with him in happiness and harmony. But someone it turns out easily, as if by itself, and someone with this whole problem.

Indeed, those of us who are hard attitude, often live in captivity of misconceptions, unrealistic expectations, consumer attitudes.

Let's look at the basic ideas of women that prevent love.

1. I want the man was rich!

Now just a cult of material well-being! Some women begin to hunt the whole, complex strategies for wealthy men. In the fantasies of women's wealth is inextricably linked with beauty, happiness, prosperity.

They forget that, first, consumer attitude towards a person has nothing to do with love. Secondly, choosing a man-sized purse, can interfere with certain standards on his part: many of these men think that buying a woman. What kind of love and happiness? 2. Prince, where are you?

Times are changing, the happy relationship information (about their construction) becomes public, we go on training in personal development and smart read article ... A prince still many are trying to find. Women fantasize about unrealistic as a man or a great concentration on one person. They create in the dreams of men, equal with God, and then disappointed that in life everything is different.

Every person has the ins and outs, all of us have bad days, bad mood, disease. It is not possible at all times be ready to hide lady cloak worn over her umbrella and perform feats. And if we expect an infinite worship mixed with courtly - we are likely to waiting for loneliness.

3. The dream of marriage.

Desire for love, a desire to share, to make life of a loved one more beautiful and easier, and the desire to get married - very different things. Of course, marriage - that's fine, but when a woman literally fades from his desire to marriages, and it becomes a goal - it's bad. Firstly, a high risk of their lives to an unloved or unworthy of man. Secondly, unfair to the living person to experience feelings as to the function. 4. Who is he without me ?!

When really want to be the desired, can be mistaken to think that the other person without us can not. Women paint a picture in which a man - who is something like a child who is not able itself to cook food, make a decision to choose a style of life ... They feel that, coming into the life of such a man, they illumine it with the light of its concern .

In reality it is not. As a rule, in life do not need to save anyone, adults who do an excellent job both with their daily difficulties, and with more complex tasks.

If you recognize yourself in these paragraphs, then it's time to change something.

Such views are not much help to you and the goal is not exactly approx.

Love - it's a wonderful feeling. But experience it can only be one who is mentally ready for it and do not use other people only for their "functional".