I'm afraid to be alone

The relationship is not satisfied, but I (with difficulty admitting it to herself) I'm afraid to be alone ...

The frequent quarrels, lack of respect on the part of men, the feeling of non-reciprocity, perhaps even a betrayal on his part and lies - but you know that you love and can not let go ...

- It was so good!

- He makes me feel alive!

- only with him, I felt so much joy, although the ocean of pain ...

- In spite of everything, he loves me, I love him, I'm ready for love at all ...

- With him there is a sense of meaning in life and fullness, and without it, and tearing unbearable emptiness.


And it does not tell a woman, "Stop!"

Well, stop it, go away from him, and would have her the pain of loneliness and the feeling of emptiness killing. And she will think even more that it was something l-oo-oo-oo-oo-h-sh-s, much better!

Then it will try again with him to come together, to reconcile, hating herself for what she thinks is humiliated in front of him and hating him for what she has humiliated ... and again the pain, pain, pain. This lively and understandable pain.

Without it there is no pain, without it there is no life, no feelings.

"So I'd better go back to the pain ...".

Recently I heard a joke about such a relationship, it sounds like "good guy, get away." It is in the painful, difficult against women is that it is now necessary. So, no need to stop the woman does not need her own to try to force yourself to stop and pull out of this relationship. Woman this experience now required. She needs to understood, how to be with her zeal, how to be with his offense, how to be with his addiction and so on. It is necessary to understand the It must pass this way, this is her life, which is why she feels it is so important, despite the fact that the partner offends her.

All relationships, without exception, must come to a holistic completion of In other words, you must take the maximum, take what you give relationship.

Even if there is no partner near you and you broke it continues to pull - hence, the relationship did not end, and it is important to recognize. And to continue the relationship with him, only now in itself. Or if you just came out of the relationship, you will immediately enter into the other - your relationship with your previous partner and not an end. You have not changed, so do not bring anything new to the new union.

So, it is necessary to come to a holistic completion, but a more precise definition will - come to its internal integrity, to its harmony and love. The word "completion", which I used, it is not entirely true, because you do not go to the end, you go to the development and to understand more fully itself. Therefore say now exactly: all relationships, without exception, should eventually bring you a feeling of satisfaction and internal integrity. Release the person only when you come to this state.

What will happen next? Three options.

  1. you can comfortably and happily spend time alone, it will no longer bring you pain, you will feel really good.
  2. You can start a new phase of development of relationship with your current partner, but now your relationship will improve, no more lies, treachery and so. On. They have other, they have experienced a transformation.
  3. You can find a new partner, you do not bring in a new relationship cargo past relationships.

Each option is for you to be comfortable, and you will go in the direction in which the longer pull, you will feel, you will understand. When you are in agreement with you when you feel the love when you are in a resourceful state - you know where to go.