Psychological trauma

Psychological trauma

The life of the modern man is full of stressful situations, so there is always the probability of getting a psychological trauma.

The death of a loved one, loss of job, divorce, serious illness, problems in the sexual sphere, the strongest emotional experience - these and many other reasons can lead to psychological trauma.

In addition, the same result is obtained violence towards the person, assault, blackmail and other events, causes severe anxiety, depression. Men with reduced potency also fall in the risk zone.

If a similar situation occurs in adult life, they may be left in memory only unpleasant associations. If a tragic event happens in the life of a child or teenager, it leaves an indelible mark, effect as on the psyche and the emotional component.

Variety of trauma

Psychological trauma are classified according to various criteria. Psychologists distinguish psychological trauma, depending on the nature and force of impact.

  • Shock. This is a short-term condition which people may experience during life-threatening situations during some disasters. Mentality shock situation have enough long-term exposure.
  • Acute. Short-term condition that occurs as a result of the unpleasant and painful events. For example, it may be associated with a loved one's death, psychological, sexual or physical violence and other traumatic events.
  • Chronic. Psychological trauma takes a chronic course, are protracted. Since the human body reacts to long-term exposure of the provocative psychological factor. An example of such chronic psychological trauma may be family members, are subject to constant violence, children suffering from bullying at school.

psychological trauma a person can get, realizing its helplessness, realizing the impossibility to influence any circumstances. Withdraw from the peace of mind can be a constant fear for the life and health of a loved one, powerless over the situation. Sometimes you have to watch as a man of soft and becomes twitch accommodating, irritated.

In psychology, it points to the similarity of trauma and stress. The same situation, different people have different consequences. Not always they are prerequisites for the emergence of psychological trauma. For some people, a stressful situation may be just a misunderstanding and will not affect the psyche. Here the great role played by human stress, his attitude towards life in general and the situation in particular.

As stress and trauma can cause not only negative phenomena, but also the strongest emotional outbursts of various kinds. It is less common, but still has a place. An example would be the situation when a person returns home, which all presumed dead. The symptoms of psychological trauma

Trauma has symptoms that are divided into two subgroups.

  1. Emotional symptoms. are present mood swings: a man a few minutes ago was apathetic, expressed indifference to everything going on, and now has become irritated and even aggressive. A person can feel it unnecessary and useless. He feels unwarranted guilt. Often, such a person becomes closed, breaks fellowship with friends.
  2. The physical symptoms. These include insomnia, which exhausts the person reduces his defensiveness. In humans, it weakens the immune system, making it susceptible to infectious diseases. People who do not have time to rest due to the lack of night sleep, very frequently observed violations of the cardiovascular system, they are persecuted attacks unjustified fear and anxiety. In patients with a manifestation of physical symptoms are often disrupted gastrointestinal tract, fatigue is present. These people have reduced concentration of attention, they are plagued by frequent headaches.

The physical symptoms are accompanied by muscle tension, a person can not relax and rest. Yourself to get rid of disease is almost impossible to require specialist help.


Sometimes the symptoms disappear over time, but the appearance of provoking psychological factor returns man to the original state. In this case we say that the emotional memory is triggered, which causes the situation to live again. If a person can not cope with the situation, he needs the help of an experienced psychologist. If necessary, a person spends therapy aimed at recovery from psychological trauma. It involves working with a psychologist, taking sedatives, antidepressants, in exceptional cases, and tranquilizers. Once the problem is solved, medicinal medicine overturned.

Specialist teaches a person to control their emotions, not to leave, but are not close. Rights recommends exercise, he is advised to avoid stressful situations, prefer to communicate with positive people and avoid the gloomy closed copies. Important to address is the mode of the day, correct and balanced diet.

The treatment of psychological trauma requires an individual approach, but ultimately leads to success. Tandem psychologist and the patient always gives a positive result. It should be noted that the treatment of trauma should always be timely, must.