Love your neighbor as yourself!

Love your neighbor as yourself!

Love your neighbor as yourself!

Life is exactly what we think about it!

So, what we see ourselves in life, determines the level and quality of our lives.

As far as we are successful in financial terms, privacy, friendship, or other areas?

Do we understand its nature, whether we accept myself completely or try to "break up" into pieces?

The relationships that we establish with themselves, are the most important and decisive "challenge" in our own lives. If we do not love ourselves, if we do not understand this feeling, we can not endure this feeling - that we are able to fall in love with another man, and have not learned to love yourself ?!

The same can be said about respect, about understanding, honesty, sincerity, courage, justice, kindness, thoughtfulness, care, and so on - to themselves and to others.

Christ said, "Love your neighbor as yourself." So, you need to learn to love yourself first, and then learn to love others.

In fact, a person who does not love himself, is not able to make intelligent and useful decisions for ourselves, it is not able to channel their energies for these solutions. People with low self-esteem attract situations and relationships that reflect and amplify this problem.

Did you ever thought about how many lives around us such people?

People who do not like themselves, do not like their husbands (wives), his children, parents, friends, superiors and subordinates, and people in general. Sometimes it is not in itself of such a large number of people restricted in love. We are accustomed to the fact that our love is not absolute and conditional.

We are not taught that love must flow from our luminous flux without any conditionality, which must be shared with everyone he met a man.

Instead, we "are driving" themselves and others in a certain framework, "If you obey me, you will not, I will not love you!", "If you do not it ... then I will not!". And so on in a similar vein. Drive ourselves into a blind alley from which to go out on their own is virtually impossible.

And it happens all the time, every day with a lot of people on the planet. Children grow, they develop their own children, and these children my children, but the perception of the "convention" does not disappear in love. It is transmitted from generation to generation as the format of relations between people.

There is a category of people who "love to love" and want the same relationship. Such people not only do not like and do not respect themselves, they also refer to partner constantly "calling" on his display of emotion, it is desirable to clarify the relationship and feelings, have an urgent need in the hot passions.

In addition to this they have a lot of complexes, it is easier to create a relationship "breadth", rather than "deep", taking responsibility for their actions, but mostly because of their absence. They say more than doing, create the illusion of a happy future, and then they themselves destroy it, accusing the partner. Sufferers! Man selfish focused only on themselves and their suffering. And even when he meets the perfect partner for themselves, trying to change his life and still be in union with his ideal, then, as a rule, it is not long enough, so it is very much dependent on their habit of continually suffer. This relationship sometimes comes to the depletion of the human psyche.

It's hard to see the reality, as if he were living in their own, only his known world. This condition is very similar to the condition of alcoholics or drug addicts, who live in a constant state of altered consciousness.

Among them there are individuals who are actually willing to change their lives, to destroy this illusory world and to be free from his own self-interest. But very few people comes to an end in this task, often stopped at the very beginning, after the first "lite", and did not get to the depth of the problem of the unconscious.

None of us is born with a "healthy" self-assertion,

with confidence in themselves and their abilities.

These qualities we need to acquire in the course of our lives,

learning to see the world through the absolute and unconditional love.