Intuition and injury

Intuition - is the ability to direct perception of the truth without going through the experience and logical reasoning.

On it today and we'll talk.

Have you ever had that intuition, that the choice is not correct?

For example, the choice of men. But you were in a relationship with him (maybe he really liked you and you want to give a chance to these relations). However, intuition is so sensitive, that takes care of your future, warns you and always "tells" the truth. And when you ignore the voice of your intuition, it means - that the you followed the voice of his injury.

And the relationship "poked" wound. They raised the pain in your heart. Interspersed with a few pleasant feelings and hopes for the best.

After some time, what you warned intuition (in the form of a strange feeling or anxiety), it became more and more manifest in the relationship. The man opened his "nasty" side.

And since you have kept for him the first positive impression (not counting the intuition prompts) - you are struggling began to seek return of the man to whom he had been at the beginning. That way, in which you fall in love. And for which you have not seen a real man. And thus created a strong dependence: the desire to get a sense of themselves as important and necessary - in the interstices of the experience of pain and humiliation. If you are in such a relationship, and turned to "break" them - most likely now to avoid close relationships with men. Because the injury - a scenario in which you are living the same painful feelings. And you again unconscious to choose these men, in which there is a "monster" that destroys your femininity and self-esteem. And it seems - that all men are, and why try to re-enter into a relationship?

If you are in such a relationship, then you may be feeling - that you can not live without this man, no matter how bad it may apply to you. Feeling - that there is no life is of these relations.

So distorts the reality of your injury.

Since the injury tends to convey that he wanted to be healed.

You do not have to repeat the same painful scenario.

It is necessary to realize and begin to take steps towards healing and transformation of painful experiences.

It is important to understand what you want to improve and change in your life - is inside you.

and injuries, and intuition speak to you through your body.

Through sensations in the body.

The more you heal from the trauma of the senses, the more you will begin to hear the voice of your intuition and learn to distinguish them. The more you listen to your intuition - the easier and happier your life will become.

You will begin to see that not all men "are."

Because inside you will not be as painful feelings that are sought to be manifested in the relationship.

And you can choose the best for you man.

When do you feel ready to relationships.

Here's a way, the prospect of working with a psychologist in private therapy.

I am sincerely glad to help you and to guide you along this path on individual consultations.

I know the way. And together we can handle.

Be aware that the way trauma - a straight road, but always back.

Way Intuition - it is the right choice here and now, and the road ahead.

to the best case scenario.