Knowledge obtained. And what with them to do next?

Knowledge learned. And it seems that around the world has become different, and the people looked at themselves in a new way. Many episodes are beginning appeared as a different light. It can truly shocking. It is unclear what to do with them and how to continue to build a life. Old life experience does not help, but to adapt to a new perception of the world has not yet happened.

The State of Things - the true and distorted

This confusion is understandable. After all, the first had to look through the distorted prism, and the world was covered with a glass darkly. It is very difficult to adapt to the new world around and to itself, which has become another. More precisely, the man has always been so, however, perceive themselves and distorted reality.

The reasons for it hardly makes sense to talk a lot. It is heavy and relationships in childhood, and the people who surrounded a young age. Their words and actions stupid little man perceived as something right and then dragging this burden into adulthood. Perverse presentation at adulthood rooted in the mind. Clarifying the true state of affairs, we have to re-adapt to the world.

Knowledge obtained. And what with them to do next?

The road to the blurred picture

Psychological knowledge is acquired not just out of curiosity. Always behind this important task. And there comes a time to look at the goal, but from the perspective of a more knowledgeable person.

Now what can be done to transform their lives and take to translate desires? Can come to quite different ideas than ever before. What seemed impossible, it may well be feasible. What hurt before making important steps, as is the lack of common sense. Alas, in destructive relationships in childhood, the child loses the ability to think properly. After all, if not around the sane people, this skill is not developed. And adult life a person goes to distorted thinking. But much is clear in the process of acquiring new knowledge.

environment Swamp

But here arises the difficulty of a different kind: the relationship. Not all people from the old environment will accept the new man, who was able to realize their own value. There are those who will drag back, trying to intimidate and to return to its former state. It is necessary to be ready to go through with it and not give in to provocations.

Knowledge obtained. And what with them to do next?

Settings will change. Some of the old familiar social circle will leave, and that's fine. You can not resist the temptation to drag others for you - it's impossible. And it could be worse - the environment will prevail and prolong its former swamp. It is possible that some will have to phone numbers recorded in the blacklist.

Insidious "swing"

And yet the complexity - can be mood-kickbacks. They can still be called a swing. When like going back to the previous state. It can even plunge into despair. But the setbacks do not be afraid. They periodically attack, but also back. And to deal with them should work out old problems. Gradually kickbacks become shorter and weaker. It can be more unpleasant moment. Sometimes it seems that there was nothing more in the good life will not be - all the thrills in the past. From these thoughts surging cover bouts of melancholy. But it is necessary to pass through - just as through kickbacks.

Knowledge obtained. And what with them to do next?

may be bouts of indecision - and this is natural. To avoid doubt, it is impossible to share their plans, especially with the old environment. If it shared the best aspirations, that person would not have to work hard on yourself and overcome negative attitudes.

After gaining sanity many old fears losing relevance. But this is still a gradual process. Over time, the new one will replace old and obsolete. It is important to take the best from the past and move forward. From experienced difficulties should bring forth something beautiful. Not always have the confidence to do next. Therefore, we must remain true to yourself and listen to your own rhythm.