Fear of the future: what it makes you think?

Often, it becomes a real torment. Not for nothing on it has long profited predictors of all stripes. The examples are not far to seek - just remember how popular astrological predictions.

All kinds of horoscopes can not serve as a reliable benchmark. The future - Multivariate. But it begins in the present. Here there is a question of responsibility for their lives. Although, of course, it can not be excluded in the circumstances on which it is impossible or difficult to influence. Another thing that is often difficult to understand what is not amenable to correction, and what is still in the hands of man himself.

The origins of the problems

Fear of the future: what it makes you think?

The roots and causes of fear of the future, as you might guess, as a child. Well, if the child was surrounded by friendly people, he felt that he is loved. But not all so lucky. Some children grow up in an atmosphere of constant pull is enough, they were never sure what will happen in the next minute. Adults were some kind of secret life, and the child, unwittingly and without realizing it, is caught up in the intrigue.

Or just do not feel the child to his love. He applies force, if only mom he did not turn away from. But such fears, alas, not always unfounded. Especially if the parents or some more significant adults had mental problems. This, of course, stay away from others in secret, but the child somehow it all felt. It is bad everywhere - at home and at school. Survivors like accustomed to not trust the world.

In later life it seems that does not have the strength to resist and to be always perfect. Very painful thought: "I'm not good enough." It is often a fatal mistake - this is the conviction of the sufferer that he was the reason that he did not like. And the child gets used constantly dig into yourself and try to discover what is in it is not so. And in fact, the reason is not in it, and in an unhealthy environment. Another thing is that it does not represent what could be in some other way that they can treat him kindly. Take this idea very difficult. However, those who managed to do it and to love yourself, gains the ability to see new horizons. Their people are often very close by themselves (or they hid from him in the early years), and have to develop the courage to follow a dream.

Fear of the future: what it makes you think?

The provocations and manipulations

In fact, fear of the future - this is not something separate. It is present in varying proportions in any fear or phobia. But still there is such a thing: it is often beneficial to someone. For example, in the publications are beginning to frighten the terrible disease. And then in such an atmosphere are trying to sell questionable drugs. Under the influence of fear it is very easy to make friends at such manipulation.

It is very difficult not to succumb to provocations. You need to have something inside yourself that you can rely on. Cultivate such a foundation is not easy. Only a mature person can pull it off. This is not achieved in one day. But small steps, it makes sense to take. Solid belief can strengthen internal support, which helps to overcome great fear, including the future.

Fear of the future: what it makes you think?

The looming emptiness


  • Many people have heard that there are two motivations: pleasure and pain. That is, every action is dictated by a desire to gain pleasure or avoid pain.
  • There are other names of motivations: love and fear. Actions taken either out of love or fear. It is not difficult to imagine that the latter is generated is not optimistic. While the goal is based on love, it can become a powerful source of strength.

It is clear how important it is to cultivate positive motivation. But maybe the reason is that people may not be willing to get rid of the fear. This happens often because of fear to feel the emptiness inside that painful negative emotions. This vacuum is scary, but it needs to be filled. This and serve the goals and objectives. To find them and carry out need to grow internally.

Probably not worth destroying standing fear of the future. It is quite natural that the uncertainty causes fear and makes an effort. The frivolity is also no good. But it is important to avoid excesses. When all actions are dictated by the fear that this motivation is not able to inspire something bright. Perhaps the only force holding passive stagnation, which does not protect against problems and difficulties.