What pitfalls have hesitated? The nuances of the forgotten

Salad fears

It is important to watch is during periods of uncertainty. It stands for fear, and rather diverse. Often it is the fear of disappointment - and the actions taken, and (most importantly!) In itself. Here it is mixed more much. Begin to overcome the mental virus "Where I climb?", "Why is afoot?" "All the same, it will not work", "Why bother yourself and others?" - and so on, so forth. You can continue this list easily.

Do not blame yourself for such thoughts. If afraid to do something new, it is quite natural and logical. After all, we have to enter into uncharted territory and expand their horizons. But a lot of nuances, and not all of them are on the surface. Often it is a real salad, salad fears.

A voice from the past

What pitfalls have hesitated? The nuances of the forgotten

But indecision able to be useful. The fact that this is a good diagnostician. When you start a flurry of internal excuses, that very often it is not something neutral and abstract - concrete voice sounded in my head. And it is important to listen carefully, whose it was.

Often it is a kind of echo of the past. More precisely, childhood. Then it becomes clear whose voice sounds inside. This is - one of the important people, the image of which still dictates the rules of the game of life. The soul lives a desire to prove something to him, and even before him strong fear. And not in front of a real person, but in front of her phantom head. And then the fear of failure becomes an interesting turn: scary, if this inner critic is to condemn and ridicule in case of failure. Whose voice is this monster - one of the most important people in particular? The answer has much to clarify. And it is important to deal with this. A step towards getting rid of the influence of his personality is just to overcome the indecision.

The small steps

What pitfalls have hesitated? The nuances of the forgotten

You can break up the impending deal into small segments. For example, there is a desire to publish his poems. But the idea is to show their professional writers, resulting in horror. It is important to allow yourself to this fear and wade through it by centimeters.

The first step - is to find out the coordinates of those who are involved in the publication. It turned out to know the phone - very good. Then you can stop for a short while. The next step - to dial the number. Some at this point, the following occurs: after a few rings hand against the will presses the reset button. Well, and so it happens. A further step - to wait for an answer and say, on what issue the call.

It is very likely that each successive segment will overcome easier. And when the result comes, then, looking back on his throwing, he wants to smile: really worth so afraid of? But exactly what is expanding its borders. It is not simply given, but it brings a very serious satisfaction.

"We can not predict ..."

What pitfalls have hesitated? The nuances of the forgotten

But there is another fear that can occur just in overcoming indecision. This is - the fear of being misunderstood. Sometimes you need to say something, and you have a long time to look up words. But even this does not guarantee that they will be understood correctly. Or would that not say something in the right time or the wrong context. Misunderstanding on the part of another can enhance indecision. After such a person often feels ashamed of the child. What to do here? There is never a guarantee that everything will be understood and correctly the first time. Adequate interlocutor realizes that may be wrong. But who is behind this does not recognize, so in general often makes no sense to talk.

What pitfalls have hesitated? The nuances of the forgotten

You must be prepared to ensure that you understand wrongly. Treat it safely - also a skill that is developed over a working practice. Overcoming indecisiveness includes the recognition of the other rights that do not understand or interpret wrong. In the words of Fyodor Tyutchev: "We can not predict how our words will resound."

Difficult to overcome indecision - this one does not argue. The easiest way to avoid the discomfort - not to say anything and do not do. But it is unlikely someone will approach it. To see new horizons, we have to rise above the current situation. And it needs to make an effort.