How to stop being afraid of being different?

It seems to be a picture of the life of nature. But to some extent this is an allegorical scene. You can draw a parallel with the world of men. Alas, among them also meets like. And the reasons are not always lie on the surface. The fear of rejection haunts many. Especially those who have gone through this terrible experience in my childhood. And then such a complex can remain for a lifetime. Unhappy asks: "What's wrong with me?"


Fate ptits- albinos often unenviable. And the term "maverick" has become synonymous. Fear is different from the total weight of the often frightening and representatives of the species homo sapiens. However, man - it's still not grouse and raven. And the attempt to blend in with the faceless gray medium does not bring happiness, though at first it seems to be the path to easy life. And it is from this, then it becomes difficult.

How to stop being afraid of being different?

It is interesting to read about the outstanding personalities, although the path was not always strewn with flowers. Nevertheless, it is often envy them. But those who have merged with the total weight, for some reason, do not cause desire to learn from them. In addition, the colorless life - this is not a guarantee of avoidance of difficulties and problems of the barrier.

About something very good is often said: "Excellent." But it is worth thinking about the etymology of the word. Excel and be different - it is the same root word. Many want their children to learn from "excellent". But behind this there is something that will distinguish the child from others. But in order to achieve something, it is necessary to stand out. It is impossible to be a bright person, if you seek to merge with the surroundings are not too progressive.

"Just in case"

But the fear of rejection is very strong. This is the legacy of ancient times, when the expulsion of the tribe was terrible death. Exile was doomed to a slow, painful death. And scary, that relatives or even some important people turn their backs on this day. That's why so miserable consents to the most humiliating role in relationships with others, as long as it is not rejected.

How to stop being afraid of being different?

Those who do not fit into the kind of environment that is often quite seriously said: "With me it's wrong." While it may be just the opposite - it is with others all is not well. And they may even be afraid of those who are different from them. And "just in case" to expose not like them to harassment, and then suddenly he was aware of his abilities and become a threat to their colorless vegetating? That begins depreciation of a truly good people.

Of course, you can not bump into the other extreme - to strive to stand out in any way, without hesitation, what means this will be achieved. It is important to be different in a good way, and not to forget about ethics and morality. And also remember that man is free in so far as respects the freedom of others.

Frustration - for years

And the question arises: how to stop being afraid different from the others? We can recall a grim examples that many things make you think.

A lady sighed for decades that when something is bought the coat of her dreams. It was as though sewn especially for her, there it finds its way. Examples in the store - and could not take the eyes away from the mirror! But ... At the last moment, when she was about to pay the money, suddenly stopped. How is this so? All - in black and gray coat, and she alone will be in the red? How to look at it? After painful vibrations out of the store, and not liked by buying thing. Several times was ready to return, but did not cope with indecision.

How to stop being afraid of being different?

Then she remembered it long coat, it is literally dreamed a dream. But the fear to stand out from others, even in such things as the color of the upper garment, led to painful experiences. Conclusions do not difficult. It seems that in this story there is nothing fatal. But such is in the solution of a serious, critical issues. Therefore, in order not to be afraid to be different, you need to take their personal qualities.

It should begin with self-love and self-esteem training. If everyone wanted to be "like everyone else", there would be no great personalities. Not created to masterpieces of literature, art, would not make scientific discoveries. To do this, willy-nilly, to stand out from the crowd.

For many it's scary. But for their talent, their dreams and goals must be addressed. Including - with the fear of being different.