How to be happy?

Rule 1: Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

a feeling of pity for yourself is one of the worst emotion we can experience. Succumbing to it, we feel helpless, depressed. In no case do not feel sorry for yourself, do not settle with the victim role that try on, complaining about the villain, fate.

Rule 2: Learning to be grateful for.

How often we complain about life, not being able to appreciate the good that she gave us. But not everyone is that lucky enough to have us. Think about the world a lot of people who suffer from hunger, who have no roof over their heads, who are lonely. Compared to them, you are fabulously rich: you have a home, work, family and friends. Learn to be grateful and appreciate all the good things that you gave destiny.

How to be happy?

Rule 3: often begin to speak the word "Yes."

Have you noticed how often do you say to yourself in the life of "No", denying that might give pleasure and bring joy? To feel the joy of life, try to tell yourself, "Yes", do not put in front of the borders, do not forbid myself to be happy.

Rule 4: Do listen to your desires.

Sometimes it happens that we are trying to achieve some goals, make every effort, and inside we do not feel that to really want it. Do not make yourself do what others expect from you. Listen to yourself to understand what you really need. If you will have a goal or a dream, the movement towards it and achieve the desired will make you a happy man.

How to be happy?

to Rule 5: Learning to let go.

To negative emotions, which we sometimes feel, did not prevent us from being happy, you should learn to let go, and do not keep to myself and do not accumulate in the soul of the negative.

Rule 6: doing good deeds.

Be happier to help us kindness. Doing good deeds, we make the world better. What we give, it comes back to us a hundredfold. Smile to life and life will smile to you in return. Do good deeds: fertilize the birds and stray animals, give in place of the elderly in transport, hold the door, be friendly with people, smile!

Rule 7: Learning to be happy today.

Do not plan of happiness for tomorrow, do not wait until it becomes better. Hurry up to be happy today. Do not live expectations, live for today.

How to be happy?

Rule 8: try to fill our lives with positive emotions.

Wealth - no doubt a good thing, but really happy we did not do things as light and joyful emotions that we experience. Do what you are wondering what is fun: read, paint, create, explore the world, communicate with friends, spend time with loved ones, dance, go on nature. Give yourself positive emotions and be happy.

Rule 9: Do not resist sadness.

We all know that if we do not know what sadness, what might not feel the joy of life. So do not resist his desire to mourn, but also deeply immersed in sorrow is not necessary. Rule 10: try to communicate more.

Numerous studies show that happy and successful people have a lot of friends and acquaintances. Connect with your friends brings positive emotions. Expand your circle of friends, communicate to the fun.

How to be happy?

Rule 11: more love.

Love makes people better, fills life with new meaning, gives happiness. The more we love, the happier we become. Do not regret the love, give it not only the friends and relatives, but also the world around them.

Rule 12: dreaming.

Thanks to the dreams we move forward, set our goals and try to achieve their peaks. They light the soul, inspire.

Rule 13: set our goals.

People are happier when they know which direction to go. Aimless existence, lack of incentives generate indifference and spleen.

How to be happy?

Rule 14: try to look at problems not through the prism of their own experiences, and from the side.

We have a habit of taking to heart the difficulties and troubles that arise periodically in our lives, and often inflate out of molehills. Sometimes it is enough to look at the part of the difficulty to understand that everything is not so bad as we think.

Rule 15: learn to accept ourselves as we are.

Many of us are so unhappy that we have, that they begin to "fight" with their apparent shortcomings. Instead of accepting and loving yourself like there is suffering, angry, we feel miserable. Inner harmony - the natural state of a happy man. Rule 16: We carry a healthy lifestyle.

Man whom overcome various diseases, it is difficult to enjoy life. Do not forget to take care of your health, to be alert and feel good about themselves. Every day, we do exercises in the morning, at least an hour walk in the fresh air, eat more fish, nuts, fruits.

Rule 17: smile!

To be happy is not so difficult as it seems. Happiness does not depend on what is happening around us, and what happens in our inner world. Do not focus on the problems and failures in life look bright, good sides. One has only to want to see them, and they certainly will be.

How to be happy?

Using the above rules, you can learn how to find inner harmony, start to enjoy every new day, which gives us life. Happy man - this is not the one who has everything, but the one who knows how to enjoy life, in spite of external circumstances.

Happiness - a state of mind, not a purse, even though many people with this statement would not agree. Unfortunately, many people, having all that you need for a happy life, happy themselves do not feel.