What are the limitations of thinking, and whether it is possible to overcome?

Thinking - a complicated process. And he has a border. But someone they are wide, and someone narrow. Many have heard about the rigidity and other aspects that characterize the limitations of thinking. However, not always clear what is really behind this and why the person is not willing to go beyond their little world.

The deep roots of shallow thinking

The origins of limitations, you guessed it - a child. But the child is not the isolate themselves from new knowledge - his "help" in the adult. Alas, there are families where the children are not encouraged curiosity and education is reduced only to mastering practical skills. High-matter - this excess, as expressed by others "practice."

What are the limitations of thinking, and whether it is possible to overcome?

In this case, even proud that they do not want hammer head "nonsense." Indeed, what is the use of Shakespeare's sonnets or haiku of Basho? They do not help clean the pan, paint the walls, or bake a cake. In a pinch, you can learn some clever ideas, but only in order to show off somewhere - the limitations often combined with a passion for ostentation, and with pretensions to high intelligence. A side effect - constant fear of exposure.

Due to limitations of thinking is often worth a narrow outlook and refusal to assimilate new information. A man accustomed to the familiar to him coordinate system. That outside - already gives almost heresy. Such people are distrustful, even hostile to those who hold other views and beliefs. It is clear that the child next to the dim-witted adult learns primitive and one-sided thinking.

Step beyond the horizon

Even for a limited worth looking back only on their experience, without considering alternatives. It seems to be logical, just once on any path had to fail - so this is something unattainable. You do not even make an effort to consider other ways to ask for advice from more experienced in such matters. Or maybe go to successful people in this area, which in itself is quite useful. New contacts will help to broaden the horizons.

What are the limitations of thinking, and whether it is possible to overcome?

Often people understand that it is necessary to take action and engage in self-improvement. However, he waits - and he does not know what it was. Probably some, as is often said, "the magic Pendel." He catches up, but beats hurt. While you can not wait to get something pushed and act.

Sometimes, there are not enough skills and knowledge, but they have acquired and honed as we move forward. The refusal of the action essentially narrows horizons. You do not need to demand of himself the impossible - all make mistakes. Sometimes perfectionism just becomes a powerful limiter.

Often it helps even this method: listen to strange music, read a book or little-known author carefully consider the picture of a new artist for yourself. You can come up with creative ways to commit habitual actions. Or even just to try the unusual variety of tea or something else that did not have before - this is also a step beyond the narrow confines. Albeit small, but still ...

Getting to know each other and faithful to Me

But there are still limitations aspect - this ignorance itself. Often, people live with the idea of ​​himself, which he was a child put other people. And if not, he invents himself. Hence the inability to see the path to self-improvement - it is not clear what is actually necessary to invest efforts. And so miserable trying to penetrate the alien sphere and it fails.

What are the limitations of thinking, and whether it is possible to overcome?

But when yourself, you can take another look at the surrounding reality and to open many new things in it. However, to see themselves in their true light, not all are ready - in fact there is a risk to be disappointed in the image itself, which is so tempting to cherish. While it is often, and vice versa: a person learns better myself - and many of the internal problems are solved. And at the same time and external - those that have been generated by incorrect installation.

It is important to bear in mind the loyalty itself, which has nothing to do with the limitations. Fine, if there is the immutable values ​​that a person does not agree to give up. But this does not prevent, but also helps to absorb something new to look at familiar things from different angles, to deepen their knowledge and broaden horizons.

You must be true to yourself, but recognize that others right to hold other positions. Sometimes familiarity even unacceptable for itself the views can help to reach a new level of self-consciousness and self-awareness. This could be a stepping stone which will raise over the current perception and allow you to see the new spaces.