Whether to believe in New Year's miracle?

And having gone to school, we have finally understood that our elementary deceived. Some sad sediment remained in the shower, but it did not prevent each New Year to believe in a miracle.

Polls in social networks show that not only children but also many adults have kept faith in the miracle of the New Year. Although they do so with a reservation. They say that miracles do not happen, but in the New Year's Eve is something unusual, on the brink of a fabulous fairytale miracle can happen. It is necessary, he says, but it does not scare our unbelief.

Scientists (not all of course, but only some, and not the UK) believe that a miracle times perceived the situation goes beyond the psychological understanding of the essence.

Whether to believe in New Year's miracle?

For example, a person knows that he has never been in such a place. But suddenly on New Year's night, he begins to feel that he was there once has been. Moreover, it feels that now he will see something very familiar. Indeed, he sees after a minute or two, just the thought about. But I can swear never here at all was not. What happened? Our memory can give, and the more unusual miracles. And they can happen in any calendar day, if the match some circumstances. But more often it is a miracle appears to us in the New Year night. Why is that?

The thing is that those who believe in the possibility of miracles themselves "programmed" themselves for its implementation. And the earth revolves around the sun - a time machine. And at the point when the planet's orbit passes past their "presence" for a split second the past, present and future come together. And then some people can feel and "see" the future.

Whether to believe in New Year's miracle?

A striking example - clairvoyants. After all, is not it a miracle that they often accurately predict events that will occur through the umpteenth time? For example, predictions of Vanga almost all fulfilled and continue to come true. Scientists who have studied this phenomenon, tend to believe that she could somehow see the future.

New Year's Eve - on its own, as it were fantastic. Our mental desire (if they are very strong) can sometimes buy a chance at implementing, as our consciousness - the phenomenon of cosmic scale, and it is subject to the Times. And what is the passage of time? Conventionally, it is measured by various devices, but it is physically impossible to find time. At every point of the Universe (according to Einstein's theory of relativity) present their conventional time, it is very different from ours. First of all, it can slow down or speed up other material phenomena, but it does not manifest itself.

If your personal time (written in DNA), which is called fate, chance for a moment intersects with the time that you still have to live, you may receive a sense of wonder. Fate will give you then the execution of the hidden desires in the New Year's Eve.

So believe in New Year's miracle - it happens sometimes. In the ocean, all the time we somehow can sometimes your mind something to draw to itself for a brief moment or forever.