Is it possible to deduce the formula of happiness?

In the second test we had to really play with a stranger in a game of chance. In her course was one win, and the other, of course, a loss. Players then shared with the organizers test their impressions of winning or losing.

It turned out that the winning voluntarily surrendered in the first test (before the game) to a stranger 30% of the alleged amount won, and the losers gave (also before the game) is only 10%. This will bring the mathematical equation describing the average man of his sense of well-being that does not depend on the circumstances. That is the psychological happiness.

Is it possible to deduce the formula of happiness?

The definition of science there, which often operate not only psychologists, but also mathematics, speaking of the happiness of the individual.

  • The first definition: are positive emotions, if there are more negative to the feeling of happiness.
  • The second definition: to realize that you can fix something in the right line for positive emotions and actively do so.
  • The third definition: constantly feel that all your actions make sense, aimed at achieving a more positive emotions.

Well, the emotions themselves can be expressed as a percentage, based on how often experienced in a good mood. And it depends on the relationship with others, the degree of satisfaction with their lives, the number of problems and their solutions speed the prospects for the future. In science fiction writers are found scenes in which the characters take a pill of happiness. The reality is already there. However, it is only certain chemical stimulants, suppressing negative emotions and positive reinforcement. Constant feeling of happiness (a full satisfaction and the level of his life) do not provide such stimulants. And no one knows how they act on the nervous system, as similar on the effect of drugs, destroying the human body.

Is it possible to deduce the formula of happiness?

Psychologists offer "to form" a sense of personal happiness exercise of self-hypnosis. It is very simple.

It is necessary at the end of each day to remember and write down what was a positive day. To do this, divide the blank sheet of paper by a vertical bar. Left - positive developments on the right - negative. Upon reaching a situation where the percentage exceeds the percentage of positive and negative will remain stable for several days, you need to tell yourself that you are - a happy man.

Of course, then we must ensure that the percentage of positive events has not decreased.

The method is very effective. Especially if a clear understanding of how and what was the background for the positive day. Thus, you can at the scientific basis of the output on paper their personal mathematical "formula of happiness."