Why do people cling to their illusions? Essay

Illusions - is a departure from reality. From that fact, which seems inhospitable, rough, ugly. And a man invents an alternative world where everything is perfect and wonderful. And at the same time and begins to see himself in a highly glamorized world, losing an adequate idea of ​​his personality.

One of the names of the devil - the evil one. The etymology is simple: lukav - Old Russian word meaning something sinuous. Here on such crooked ways the enemy of mankind is trying to lead the desperate sufferers divert them from the truth.

Why do people cling to their illusions? Essay

But sometimes the man is cunning itself and goes to the wrong direction. In this case, knowing that the path is incorrect. Often the temptation is strong to give her opinion, if the few shares - in fact stand out from the crowd scary. This causes fear and hold on to the illusion of supposedly the majority is always right. Although the facts are not just to the contrary.

More illusions often supported by social stereotypes.

... A child born unwanted. Favorite and did not. He was cold and uncomfortable. But there is such a stereotype - ostensibly a priori any mother loves her child. And the child is trying to see the love there, where it is not. Trying to earn at least some location from the mother - brings five, showing all kinds of talent. But it remains unnoticed, in fact - sometimes Mommy contemptuously turns away from his achievements. She has her own life in which the child's job initially was not.

Unhappy gets an appointment with a psychologist. Well, if the specialist will understand and explain the true situation. The child is not bad - it just is not my mother likes. No matter how painful, but it can not be changed. It is better to focus on what to build their happiness and learn to love yourself more.

Why do people cling to their illusions? Essay

However, psychologists are often illusions and stereotypes. Some of them are beginning to convince, saying that my mother loves you very much, you just do not understand. And sufferer's delusions get new food. So illusion captivity can pass the whole life.

And someone to gray hair believes that in a moment suddenly become a ballet star. Or wake up more famous in some area. And then all the problems will be solved! Alas.

Illusions are not only positive but also negative. It is easy to limit devalue themselves - they say that I have no one to call me in any way. So, I do not deserve the love and success. In the fantasy you can create the perfect image of yourself - such, which, in the opinion of the sufferer, is worthy of all kinds of goods. Of the "bad" Illusions occur flight into "good".

But also for the negative misconceptions people often held. After all, to recognize their achievements and positive qualities - means to take responsibility for them and for their lives as a whole. But it is difficult and scary.

Often at the cost infantile illusions. Reluctance to grow forces cling to their castles in the air, like the tail of a comet flying away. Such sentiments overwhelm those with early years were marred by suffering. And you want to realize the dream of a bright child, even if only in adulthood.

Why do people cling to their illusions? Essay

have motivated illusions in this case tragic. However, to turn into an eternal child, like Carlson - not an option. It is important to be here and now. Even not too happy childhood can be a good foundation for adult happiness. It is important to evaluate the experience. It may be useful - in fact, overcome their injuries and problems, one becomes an expert in these matters and is able to help other people. More people go to the illusion that the lock on the periphery of the soul some kind of pain - as the skeleton of a monster in the closet. The sufferer may quite seriously believe that I forgot endured torment. And even convince ourselves that completely forgive the aggressors and offenders.

At the same time he tries to avoid situations and even ideas that may reopen old wounds. And to push deeper into the negative to the periphery of the soul, the sufferer goes into a fantasy world.

Often the illusion standing inability to love, accept and appreciate yourself. Of course, negative attitudes - they come from childhood. However, as an adult can learn positive attitudes and self-love.

Why do people cling to their illusions? Essay

Illusion drain - they take a tremendous amount of life energy. Whereas it has a more constructive use - to understand themselves and define their priorities. And, of course, work hard to achieve their goals.

Illusions - this is the scam that people are satisfied with himself. I hope that "sometime later," all magically change - this is a serious self-deception. Without the efforts it is impossible to achieve a result, and should start with honesty ahead. The ability to see the true state of things - a sign of courage and inner maturity. Even if the path to it is difficult.