How to stop depreciate yourself?

It is "not at all" - a very good example, as usual for many was the depreciation of his labor. And along with his personality. And it's not just a phrase - often the leitmotif of the entire educational process becomes a habit grafting in anything myself not to.

Sinister pedestal

When a person devalues ​​his identity, he exaggerates the significance of someone else. Like, I - it's a nonentity, but the surrounding - kings, kings, emperors. In short, giperznachimost other against the background of low valuation itself. Special worship often surrounded by one elected. He ascends to the podium, while it is impossible to find themselves under the baseboard.

First grader is pleased to announce that he had received five. But mom does not listen or even says: "Leave me alone." But about the children of their friends tells with gusto - just not overjoyed. And even if her child is making progress, still it does not go to any comparison with the achievements of some brilliant kids. Thus arises a habit to see themselves in a negative light.

How to stop depreciate yourself?

Eternal mirror

It stretches from childhood to adulthood. Devalues ​​itself in misery for the same work are paid less than other employees. Although they no outstanding achievements themselves are not proven. And what is especially sad, the one who is clamped and do not notice, does not even feel the internal protest. Moreover - he says to himself as he pleased that receives. And do not expect more, even though he has a moral right to desire and even demand a decent reward. Forever bypassed employee clearly manifests itself, it becomes initiated promising projects. But ... His successes enjoyed by other. And he seems to like to do with it. Other award diplomas, but his push. He tells himself that it is the little things, and reproaches himself that upset. Of course, it is possible to swallow the bitterness, when you do not give a certificate. But whether it is a trifle?

Picture of sad. Hardly sounds revelation of the fact that others treat us the same way we do about ourselves. Devaluing ourselves, we thereby run the vicious mechanism and in the surrounding area. And the way to ensure that change is a sad state of affairs, is not easy. But in the course of overcoming destructive habits you can learn how to self-esteem.

How to stop depreciate yourself?

support, responsibility and self-realization

First of all, you must understand their tendency to devalue yourself and be willing to get rid of it. This is half the battle.

It happens that the impulse to overcome it becomes a thirst for self-realization. The feeling of lack of implementation - it is very painful. But in order to clearly express themselves, you need to believe in themselves.

It is not given easily. For example, someone wants to gain fame as a poet, to realize itself in this field. But the fear of ridicule, biting criticism, condemnation is very strong - shudder from him. And to overcome this fear in small steps. At first, show their verses with friends. Then - at some more important meetings.

So built up confidence. Gradually, you can learn to be higher than others' estimates - your own opinion becomes primary.

A lot is directly related to a sense of inner support. We depreciate itself is weak.

While the desire for self-realization says that support is planned inside. So, it can be strengthened. Its strength increases with every step on the way to him. There may be setbacks, but it is important not to be afraid of - it does not matter if the person continues to move forward.

Another aspect of overcoming devaluation - is to strengthen the sense of responsibility for their lives. First of all - ourselves.

However, it is important to the realization of higher debt - the one that is associated with the development and realization of his talent. The results of creative work often leave a deep impression - and in the minds of his contemporaries, and in the lives of future generations.

The experience of the last

How to stop depreciate yourself?

It is necessary to say a few words on this board, which is given by many psychologists.

The essence of it - to forget their past. They say that once it is gone, it is not, and it is necessary to begin life with a clean slate.

But it is not nothing but a depreciation of their experience. Of course, the traumas of the past need to heal, mistakes to correct. However, experience has to be abandoned. And the memory can not betray.

Each person is born with a certain task. Life is not to earn someone's fleeting location - even a loved one. It is important to look more broadly at both the self and the surrounding world. Praise or, on the contrary, the criticism - it does not measure the value of the individual. We can not forget about it.