How to learn happiness?

What do you need for happiness? Many will tell you that a little money, will power, time, and so on. In fact, it does not obstacles to a happy life. We constantly want to be not where it is now and not be who we are. Problems are hidden within ourselves and not in external circumstances.

It can be fear of something to change, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, past failures. All our fears, fear, disaster shocks. And even that happened in the family, all still with us. And a thousand obstacles that we accumulate and grow.

What is happening now - the result of the accumulated baggage of life. Including mental. You do not even know how this heavy load. We get negative attitudes and beliefs in early childhood from parents, friends and the general environment.

Imagine life as a scruffy bed of peonies. It is overgrown with weeds, her pile of stones and earth long ago cracked. And if the bed of weed, to water, to hill, the peonies come to life - it will sparkle with bright colors. All you need to do - tools.

Each of us can make a difference, no matter what the critical point was not. So the director of "Center of Success Helen Light," Life-coach, psychologist, author of the course "How to be happy and have them constantly" - Elena Light.

How to learn happiness?

The brain - a piece lazy. why is it so difficult to leave their comfort zone and make changes. But our possibilities, in fact, much more than it seems. Each of you inside is everything you need to become a better version of yourself. Just need the right tools to get rid of unwanted weeds and give yourself the opportunity to blossom. It is human nature to think about their desires in a negative way, "and suddenly will not work", "maybe all this nonsense," "and if something happens." All these reflections direct negative energy at will. They destroy you.

The path to a happy life - it always work on yourself, your inner state. Let go of limiting beliefs and negative programs and your desires will be fulfilled, and objectives will be achieved.

You will be able to control their own destiny in harmony and happiness. On which step you make today, your future depends.

Here are 12 steps to a happy life by Elena Light:

Step 1. Your sincere desire to

Ask yourself what you want. What you will with all my heart. This is the main key to success.

Step 2: Wish society

It is important to be able to share your wishes and desire, to impose on society.

Step 3: Childhood memories

Think of yourself as a child. When you were happier: then or now?

Step 4. Voice of the Heart

Learn to separate the voice of reason and heart and know when you need to listen to each of them.

Step 5. Dreams and Meditation

If it is correct to dream, the dream come true and bring happiness.

Step 6: Embodiment of desires

There is a whole technique of how to do so desires were realized and brought you happiness.

Step 7. Desire and purpose

Desire, turned into a target, at times easier to implement. This brings you to a state of happiness.

Step 8. Criteria happiness

Do you want to be loved? And on what criteria you will understand that we love? Answer for myself this question.

Step 9. Pleasure

It is important to know how to be happy, not only for themselves but also for others.

Step 10. Taboo

You will know the things that are in any case can not be done. For example, to wish for other people.

Step 11. subconscious Tips

Learn to work with your subconscious mind to make it work on the sense of happiness for you. Even in his sleep.

Step 12. Happiness

You get happiness. You feel it, abiding in him. And it remains forever swami!

It is on such steps built course Elena Light and he gives an immediate effect. According to the psychologist, you need a few months to change the internal state. Eliminating barriers to easily tune in the desired fashion. Main courage and start your way to a happy life. Step by step.

Elena Light - Head of the "Center for Success Elena Light".

Founder and CEO of the publishing house "Oxygen".

Life-coach, practicing psychologist.

Course author of "How to be happy and have them constantly," "Youth Code", "The Metaphysics of business and money."