Why is it difficult to express their opinion?

When this is not the great minds incessantly rattling an empty ring. The school often get just such fives - "for the activity." It can also be seen in adults teams - often not so much listen to smart, how to sverhrazgovorchivym. While really thinking and thinking people tortured themselves complexes. For silence lies the fear of pain.

The whole life - standing in the corner of the penalty in the

Unfortunately, not all of the surrounding really behave politely and tactfully. Therefore, the fear of experience in dealing heartache is not without reason. However, this is not a reason to give up personal opinions and eternally silent. It is important to learn to overcome internal barriers. You first need to make an excursion into the past.

When mocked for any judgments, it is often this creates a feeling ashamed. Man feels like a kid who was put in a corner. Moreover, even if the view expressed no one was offended and hurt - it is only slightly different from the opinion of a vast majority. But from the reactions of others can fall into a stupor.

Often for fear of something to say are just childhood memories. Someone answered incorrectly, got a deuce, and above all laughing. Such cases are left in the soul deep wounds. And very scary to relive such humiliation and feel the old pain.

Why is it difficult to express their opinion?

So choose other "easy" way - to sit still and silent. In other words, they punish themselves for life and put in a corner. If, however, something had to be said, you want to forget about it and hide back into its shell. And the question: "What do you think about it" - is able to plunge into a state of shock.

Friendship, slavery-like

Fear to express their views may be dictated by other reasons. For example, when a person is very much cherish someone's location. And if you admit their views, then some significant person can fall, so to speak, out of favor. In this case, will have to experience the pain of rejection.

Here there is a sense of their own inferiority. Man agrees to be in someone's shadow just would not feel like an outcast. Unduly long comment, as a losing position. Often, significant personality not really appreciate those who are in awe of her. On the contrary - it respects bright people, and not scored.

Why is it difficult to express their opinion?

Or: someone person believes his friend. That's why silent - not to say something "wrong" and thus does not apply reason to quarrel and tear. But it does not happen to think the two exactly the same. Even close friends can have different opinions on some issues - and that's fine. And if someone requires another unquestioningly agree with him, then there is not friendship, but real slavery. It makes sense to think about it, whether such relationships are needed.

Disguised justification

To express your opinion, have the courage. The first time it will make a particularly difficult and scary (not delude ourselves). Perhaps it will turn out clumsy, but it is important not to run away and hide.

Suggested - on the next step: to be able to meet adequately the responses opponents. Not everyone will be a new proposition "with a bang". Yes, there are people who will laugh or break out a stream of criticism. So what? That from this terrible happens? It's unpleasant, of course. But you have to be above such things and to remain faithful to itself. In no case do not bump into excuses!

  • Often, after what has been said it sounds like this: "I only would like ...". Stop! The word "just" - it is insidious. Such a saying - disguised excuse (even if it is not realized).
Why is it difficult to express their opinion?

There are no ideas which would share the entire world. You may have to be in the minority, or even by someone whose opinion sporadically. But this does not mean that it is wrong and has no right to exist. Agree with him or around there - here it is necessary to leave the choice to them and did not impose. It is always important to respect other people's opinions, but to hold.

Many talented, even brilliant ideas initially met with a cold reception or even outright rejection. Those who are afraid of ridicule, it may be advisable to recall the adage: good laughs best who laughs last. It is possible that an opinion which is left unsaid, then would be. And it hurt that ridiculous fear prevented timely to say the right words. Not very pleasant awareness.