How to strengthen the understanding of the family?

"Release" pairs a variety of ways. Now we will talk about the ways in which psychologists do not agree. Namely: the postponement of his nervous condition in the other in order to "release". Simply put, by this we mean the energy vampirism when a person in a state of stress, such as the state creates the actions of others, depriving them of the positive energy to improve their mood.

It is not clear? Imagine the following. Chief, received on the carpet "sticking" of the higher authorities, had pleaded not guilty to production errors. He put the blame on subordinates. And not just fall down, but also naoret to them, knowing that the date will not receive. And that it improves his mood. The picture is very familiar.

How to strengthen the understanding of the family?

And now the same situation as in the household. On an example of family. Many families are now on the verge of collapse, for the reason that they have no understanding. Yes, and how to take it at the time of the different crises?

What do psychologists recommend to keep the family together, even in such difficult conditions?

They draw attention to the need for spouses to learn to build understanding. it will not appear in the finished form itself.

You need a painstaking psychological work. In this case, be sure to follow the inner voice calls. As a rule, it can be heard, but clogged with emotion.

  • to be back at home, try to completely forget about the job. It can not be the problem, which appeared to work, discuss with your family. First, this discussion will only aggravate your state of mind. Secondly, you try to present yourself in a pink color that will not fit on one hundred percent true. Third, the discussion you do not decide anything, but will be forced to relive the situation again, expanding your stress and engaging in his other.
How to strengthen the understanding of the family?
  • The rule is: at home - not a word about the work. Home and family - your strength, which you need to feel safe and where you can not let enemies. As the anonymous surveys of physicians, it is a discussion at home unhealthy work environment often has a negative impact on the relations of the spouses. Especially if both have the desire to complain to each other in the shoulder.
  • Family relationships largely depend on the distribution of responsibilities. It will never be superfluous in a quiet tactful form to discuss it.
  • Do not forget the little things to create in the family background of optimism. As the little things can be anything. What is important is not the fact that it was another pleasant trifle. It is important that she supported the family a good "weather". And such "weather" in reality is manifested in the fact that there is no reason for family conflicts.
  • If possible, try the whole family spending free time in nature. Communication with it at any time of the year a positive effect on mood. And there is enough sometimes even routine trip for a couple of hours. Just nature in itself makes you forget about the difficulties of life. It heals wounds and gives cheerfulness. In short, that is not sold in pharmacies in the form of expensive pills and potions now, we get free from nature.