Exit the comfort zone, why it is difficult?

comfort zone - it is not necessarily white, fluffy and nice. Sometimes it is ugly and unbearable. But everything in it, a man accustomed to. To be more precise, adapted (at least, so it seems to him). The problems arising in this microcosm, predictable. Even if it would be desirable to climb on a wall of pain. Strong temptation to hold on to the poor for fear of the worst.

The narrowness of thinking

Take on something completely unknown hard. New action might not be difficult, and even enjoyable. But the root of the fact that it is unknown - in fact before passing through such an experience is not necessary. Uncertainty and breeds fear. Sometimes very strong - up to a panic. And the question remains, who will win this fight - negative emotions or personality?

Exit the comfort zone, why it is difficult?

But not everything is on the surface. Exit the comfort zone means not only struggle with fear. The first is to overcome the limitations of their own thinking and its narrowness. After all, in order to decide on a new action for yourself, you need to expand the open spaces of your mind and see other horizons. This will entail a change of beliefs, attitudes, resulting in degeneration occurs.

It sounds axiom that new actions will require additional knowledge. We'll have to master unfamiliar skills and to deepen knowledge in familiar areas. It should tune in to a serious mental work. However, more important to learn to apply their knowledge. We need intensive practice.

read Benefits

On one of the best ways to overcome the limitations should be discussed separately. It's about reading. Of course, it is necessary to make a reservation, it is important to the quality of selected works. If you read something superficial and entertaining, the positive change in consciousness will not. But if we take the development of serious classical literature, it is for many will be a powerful impetus for growth.

Exit the comfort zone, why it is difficult?

When you have to delve into the deeper work, where the meaning does not lie on the surface, it is necessary to think, to strain the intelligence, reason. It happens that you start to read a book by one person, but the last page flip, has become another. A rereading it after a while, you perceive a whole new way.

Even if you just have a desire to communicate with new people, it is necessary to ask ourselves: what they find interesting about me? What are they talking to me? After around - our mirror. And if at this time around is not too deep familiar, it makes sense to think: if I advanced a man to me stretched smart people?

The person or cloth?

It is important to discard samozhalenie and courage to directly ask themselves not the most pleasant questions. Any person, before making a decision, it is necessary to clearly understand who he is at the moment: the person or cloth? Someone behind the choice? And without jokes. Calling itself on openness is necessary with the utmost rigor.

Exit the comfort zone, why it is difficult?

may be tempted to utter something undefined - they say that I am now fifty-fifty. But this is not the answer. Personality can only be one hundred per cent. Even at ninety-nine - is the lack of internal consistency. "Almost personality" - it is not a person. Therefore, out of the comfort zone - often very severe test, a test of the maturity.

If you go back to read the question, then there has to overcome other weaknesses. There are people who refuse to read only because of the fact that the product can end badly. So, to experience emotions is not pink. But when a person chooses only that which is easily perceived, pleasantly digestible and understandable without stress - personality development does not occur.

Of course, no one is immune from failure. And do not condemn and blame themselves if at some point the inner strength fail. But now there is knowledge, it is necessary to work on ourselves in any direction. And from the height of the experience already take the next step. No matter how it is difficult, but the result will be personal growth. Even if not immediately noticeable.