How to learn to please and support themselves? Engage in drawing!

If the offer to adults to do drawing, the reaction can be ambiguous. Many say they do not know how to do it. In justification of lead that would never have reached the level of Aivazovsky. And someone tells his sad story is that when something very serious like this to learn, but in the studio of young artists not accepted.

But know how to draw it. Suffice it to recall those sessions, which were held back in kindergarten - they are not provided for the release due to lack of ability. And just for fun, many took up the paint, pencils and crayons. It turned out very well. Sometimes even professional artists admired by children's drawings, and admit that they were glad to learn that spontaneity and untroubled view of the world.

Return to Me

Another thing is that not everyone is an adult recalls his creative impulses. Over the years, come to a grim discovery, that is, the rules of fine arts master so difficult that it is not worth starting. Meanwhile, the inability to create masterpieces - this is not a reason to close a road to self-expression.

How to learn to please and support themselves? Engage in drawing!

Someone sad and skeptical smiles - they say, I am no longer in kindergarten. But that's why it is recommended to turn to creativity. In preschool this led educators, but with older citizens often no one to hold creative lessons. Whereas the relevant issues of self at any age.

Many have heard about the art therapy. This term is interpreted differently. Often - like art therapy. However, right, those researchers who drew attention to the complexity and depth of the word "therapy". It means not only treatment but also care, care, care. If you look in the everyday sense of the art-therapy, it can be understood as a psychological support through the introduction to art and creativity. A self-help skills are very important, especially in today's world. The ability to take care of themselves through the creative class is useful to learn everything. This is a very effective way to cope with stress and regain composure. Not to mention the fact that artistic creation - a great source of positive emotions.

The stream of consciousness - in pictures

Julia Cameron in the book "The Artist's Way" recommended to conduct morning pages. They are - immediately after waking up to record everything that comes to mind. And to do so as long as three pages are filled. It is a kind of liberation of the subconscious. And yet - the ability to get rid of the mental clamps emancipate thinking. After such practices writers who have left their employment, again took up the pen and successfully created literary works.

Perhaps someone has already occurred to make the modification of the exercise. Namely, start the morning with a drawing. Take a notebook, crayons and put on paper all that suggests an inner instinct. Do not have to worry about the artistic value of the drawn - it is important to expression of emotions that have long lived in the soul, but do not find the exit.

How to learn to please and support themselves? Engage in drawing!

It is necessary to try to do this exercise every morning. Not necessarily to fill three pages of pictures - just one or two. Inner sense tells you when to stop. Although the process is more important than the result, yet can sometimes be pleasantly surprised to find that such a spontaneous painting helped to be born very expressive compositions.

Paper companion everyday life

Creative people often carry a notebook to record interesting thoughts and observations. Artists make sketches - this is important. But not necessarily professionally engaged in art, to adopt such a practice. It can not just useful - it is also a tool of self-support. If you want to solve a question, but thoughts do not come - it's time to escape. You will need a notebook and crayons. The essence of the exercise - to switch attention to the problems in the drawing process, focus on the bizarre lines. They must be applied to the paper, do not hesitate. You can play with beautiful combinations of colors or amusing figurines.

How to learn to please and support themselves? Engage in drawing!

It is no wonder, if in the process of drawing comes to mind exciting way to solve the issue. You can do otherwise: to portray something, and then defer the picture and to forget about it. Then get it and try to see their work. Perhaps it will lead to entertaining insights. Also it helps to know yourself better.

For those who regularly engaged in similar practices, may eventually come his artistic self-help methods. Creation means not only the creation of products themselves, but also the invention of original methods. That, in turn, helps to enrich a new experience. It is worth experimenting - opening times come suddenly. However, these findings are long and very open, and others.