How to conduct business at the dinner table?

Sharing food can tell a lot about the nature of the partners. Unbalanced person absorbs food greedily, able to appreciate your time - quickly and efficiently. Slowness and thoroughness of the meal talking about good organizational skills. A careful examination of the content of vitamins in the dish shows the attention to detail.

To prepare for a business reception at the table, you must:

  • to set a goal, to design the end result;
  • a list of invitees;
  • to plan the place and date of the meeting;
  • extend an invitation;
  • to reserve a table and decide on the menu;
  • to develop a scheme for the meeting;
  • to prepare convincing arguments.

In the international business practice, the following types of methods: a business breakfast, business lunch, business dinner, "champagne", "wine", "cocktail" reception, "zhurfiks" tea party, banquet, buffet (lunch -buffet); as well as more exotic, but no less common techniques such as "salt coffee" and BBQ (barbecue).

How to conduct business at the dinner table?

All kinds of methods can be divided into daytime and evening.

  • By day techniques include: "Business Breakfast", "champagne", "wine".
  • for the evening: tea party, "cocktail" reception, "zhurfiks", banquet, business lunch and dinner.

Each of these forms of business communication has its own characteristics.

Business Breakfast is selected if you want to impress for a quick conclusion of the transaction, or to meet with those who are hard at work during the day. According to etiquette, the initiator of the event chooses a cafe close to the place of work partner, alcohol excluded. The invitation comes in two days, on the phone, immediately agreed the start and end of the breakfast. During the meeting, all questions necessary to set for 15-30 minutes, quickly, efficiently, without emotional explanation.

A business lunch or a business dinner - for those who want to establish good relations with its partners or to make contact with important clients. In the afternoon, people are more inclined to dialogue than in the morning, it is possible the use of alcohol. The duration of the meeting can be up to three hours. During delivery cold meals and snacks should be small talk, and then go to the main part. When serving dessert, tea or coffee is necessary to briefly summarize.

Tea Party - an opportunity to meet informally, in the evening, without alcohol. Invitation to the tea can be used to express criticism of the man, but do it gently.

How to conduct business at the dinner table?

Salty coffee - this technique is used to establish communication between the different spheres of activity or people of different social status (for example, between the state and civil society organizations). The main purpose - acquaintance, establish contacts, exchange business cards. You can touch and discuss any topic in the allowable.

Zhurfiks - a fixed day of the meeting for a certain small group of people, for example, every third Friday of the month, at 15 o'clock. The goal - to discuss issues in an informal setting. Served tea, hot chocolate, canapés, pastries.

Knowledge of these nuances will help to rationally plan their time and successfully carry out the necessary business meetings. Successful negotiations, and success!

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