What to do when it is difficult to decide on an important step?

The realization that it is able to lead to fundamental changes, causes pale even courageous man. Fear is sometimes so great that one is tempted to drop everything. Such sentiments are often overwhelmed literally at the last moment. Well, it's time to work on them.

Down with the drama out of your head!

Should not exaggerate the importance of the upcoming events. No need to adjust itself, that from this step all life depends. On the contrary - it is better to take new actions as a game. This is - just an attempt to broaden their horizons. It can be successful or not. The latter will have to draw conclusions just and correct way forward.

It is advisable to shift attention from the upcoming action for something quiet. You can not cheat themselves and draw in the imagination of all sorts of tragedies. Fantasy in this case - a bad assistant. Tip: if you keep the flow of thought is difficult, it is better to use it for something constructive - to write a story or poem. By the way, creativity - a great tool for personal growth.

If the drama in the head continue to disturb, it will help such a method: try on any role. To do this, you need to remember the bold, brave, resolute character from a book or film and try to get in the way. It is very useful to practice before the mirror, say aloud phrases that well characterize this person. And then do the planned steps.

What to do when it is difficult to decide on an important step?

which takes energy?

Indecision arises because the forces are spent for other purposes. Rather than focus on their goals and objectives, a person begins to prove something to others. There is no dispute that it is very painful when loved ones saying hurtful words or wrongly make claims. In this case, a very strong temptation to start many self-righteous. But after a stormy explanation felt an inner emptiness.

Therefore, a good idea to learn to apply even negative emotions to their advantage. Moments when energy is ready to happen splash, you should use the most fruitful - to do something that had long wanted, but changes drastically. Emotional intensity can help to gather strength and courage to call for help.

But there is a crucial caveat: this action needs to be thought out and planned in advance, in a calm state. In no event should not take decisions themselves at a time when emotions have erupted. Under the influence of the last person often loses his temper, which leads to a strong deviation from the right course.

If you do not have the courage to

What to do when it is difficult to decide on an important step?

Courage may bring - this development is too often the case. It is important in this case to support themselves. Not daring to do something once, you can try more. Moreover, one can not deny that doubts might well be reasonable grounds. Therefore, the rejection of any action - not necessarily defeated. It is important to set yourself up, in this case, any decision would be. Perhaps for drastic steps is not the right time. But even the intention to do something - it is also an important experience. Stopping to adjust the force of action and come up with a way to improve their performance.

You must remain aware of their desires and goals. In no case can not abandon them. In this case, you need to give yourself the right to doubt. Failure, lack of determination - it is also an important step and a valuable experience. Necessarily have to say to yourself, encouraging words and move on - it will be the best solution.

Decisiveness and indecisiveness - sides of the same coin. Both of these feelings are needed. If you use them wisely, they are able to benefit. You will need experience that consists of many actions - and successful and unsuccessful. It is important to keep the goal in front of your mind's eye. Then steps in the physical world will adjust and head in the right direction.

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