How to develop talent, if it seems that it is not?

Author of the book "Flexible mind" Carol DUEK sure: our success depends on our installations. There are only two: on the reality and on growth. Installation on the reality makes us think that our quality invariable. Installing growth allows us to develop what we already have.

"I have no talent,"

Most people look at the ability to draw both the uncanny ability. If we do not get to draw, the answer comes by itself: "It should be, I have no talent". Thus we can perfectly match colors in the clothes, well-build track in the frame, notice how beautiful play of light in the room.

Many of us have the artistry, but do not think about self-improvement and development of their skills. If we compare the first drawings of people with those that they make at the end of art courses, the difference will be noticeable at all. Just someone needs more time and training than others. Sometimes slow learners surpass those who have been successful from the beginning. Here the important thing is what kind of mental attitude we choose.

How to develop talent, if it seems that it is not?

People with installation on a given trial on human talent and his future on the earliest manifestations of abilities. Of course, there is no guarantee that you can achieve anything that you want only. But many famous artists, writers and scientists prove to us that is worth trying.

People are capable of more than it might seem at first glance.

"I was told that this is not my"

When we are confident that our quality unchanged, then take seriously the negative opinions. It should be someone to say that we do not deal with, and it becomes the truth. Positive feedback on the people with the installation of a fact, too, have a devastating effect: when we praise, we are afraid to lose the status of the ideal man and begin to worry because of the failure even more.

How to develop talent, if it seems that it is not?

If we have to increase installation, no other people's opinions about the lack of talent will not determine our future. We will learn, practice, gain experience and try to get better.

Set growth enables people to ensure that what they want, even finding themselves in a hostile environment.

"I'm not in the right place"

We often prevents develop confidence that we are in the wrong place. For example, girls drop out to study math and science, simply because they feel like they have no place here. So prejudices formed in the society can affect us in every area of ​​life. But this is just an opinion, and nobody has the right to tell us what we should do. Installing the growth in this case helps to feel confident and realize their potential.

How to develop talent, if it seems that it is not?

Do not hammer head that others think and say about you. Having failed, do not put on a cross. Exactly the same applies to other people, we all are talented and smart, and all can become even better.

Five Tips Carol DUEK that will help develop your installation:

  1. Think about who think their hero. What is it? Do you think he has exceptional abilities and easily achieves the most? Now find out how things work in reality. Find out what incredible efforts cost him his achievements. And begin to admire him even more.
  2. Remember the occasions when other people have walked into something, and you have decided that they are smarter or more talented than you. Now think about what they could have just used the more effective tactics, carefully prepared, practiced diligently and hard work to overcome the difficulties. You yourself so you can, if you wish.
  3. Do you feel sometimes that you behave foolishly, as though lost touch with his intellect? Next time, when you fall into such a state, simply apply the setting growth: think about what you have to gain new knowledge and improve, rather than that you will be assessed - and connect mind again.
  4. Do you often hang tags on their children? "Here is an artist we have, and this - a scientist." The next time when you are going to say something like that, remember that you are not helping them at all - even if you say it as praise. Find another way to express his approval - one that is consistent with the installation of the growth.
  5. More than half of the members of our society belong to one or another group of people, for which there are negative stereotypes (eg, women). Because of them, members of the group are considered a priori to something unsuitable. Give them the installation of the growth. Create in your life environment that will teach you to install on the growth of both children and adults, especially those exposed to negative stereotypes. And then, even when faced with a negative label, they will continue to defend its right to development.
How to develop talent, if it seems that it is not?