How social networks influence human life?

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The first symptom, depending on the social network - is the need to constantly check your page or pages, if there are several. This reading messages, and view the posts on the wall.

According to surveys, 80% of users check their pages at least once a day. The greater part of all does it regularly. These people fall into a real panic at the thought that their account, something happened. Dependence on social networks - is as much a habit as smoking.


Social networks often cause jealousy. According to surveys, many people are watching their mate with the help of social networks. The more that is done very simply. Just a few mouse clicks - and the social network will give all potential rivals and opponents, which was delivered the highest number of "likes".

In reality, such jealousy in most cases turns out to be unfounded. However, statistics show that many couples apart for precisely this reason.

How social networks influence human life?

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In most countries, employers try to limit access to social networks from work computers. Psychologists are strongly advised not to do so. It is noticed that people who use Twitter or Facebook during working hours increases productivity. The main thing that breaks the social network were short. This will allow the brain to relax and unwind.


Many people use social networks with a view to talk about something good that happens in their lives. For example, they can boast of new purchases, put photos of the holiday, to share some funny videos.

If a man's life consists not so colorful, the social networks have become an enemy to him. They can cause a feeling of envy, sadness and fear. All this can lead to severe depression. If a person is too long and is actively interested in social networks, it can turn into a frown, like a person who constantly complains about life.


But for the optimists social networks - it is an opportunity to show off their successes and achievements. In addition, people may laugh at some humorous post. It also can improve mood, self-esteem, add life more positive.

How social networks influence human life?

The social network has an interesting feature. All good things they are doing even better, and the bad will only further aggravate. Therefore it is impossible to enter the social network in a bad mood.

Losing friends

In this case means the following. A man places a post in their own page and waiting for friends at once put the "likes", write positive comments. However, this does not happen. Man writes a message to a friend, and he was dismissed from him, because he was busy. All this causes resentment.

How social networks influence human life?

In such cases, you need to understand that social networks and chat on the Internet can not replace a full-fledged communication in reality. Collection only able to give full attention to the person by the friends and relatives.

"I'm fat and ugly!"

Yes, the majority of users of social networks are unhappy with how they look. They see themselves as fat, ugly. It is noteworthy that more than half of them have come to this conclusion by comparing their photos with pictures of other users.