How can I get out of depression creative person?

Depression - a mental disorder, including a decline in mood, disturbances in thinking (a pessimistic view of everything that happens, the loss of ability to feel joy, negative judgments), motor retardation.

, of course, is a mental disorder may develop into a disease like any other disorder or malaise. Therefore, from depression need it to go as quickly as possible, and do not agree with diagnozom- "verdict" of serious illness for many, many years. Conscious downplaying the significance of depression - an excellent example of solving the problem by "like cures like." Depression has a psychosomatic nature, and self-hypnosis of a no-brainer - the second wedge that knocks first.

So, half the job is done - not given yourself drowning in trouble, did not magnify depression scale to "doomsday". Now, you need to immediately get out of depression -.. Ie, the return itself to a positive perception of life, to the joy of life, the plans for the future, to the creative mood.

"Study unique" - so simply and unpretentiously I call my method out of depression. When I feel bad, and "the world is plunged into darkness," when "all around the creeping things" and is ready to not be surprised by the appearance of "Ghouls any" out of the dark corners of the room, when I look at a funny face and think about them, "Jackass," I urgently I dare to view the logs of the design or folk artists, for example.

How can I get out of depression creative person?

And, as a rule, already in the third log starting to look into interesting for me, "How is it done?" In those cases where the applied high-tech and expensive materials, comes to my mind: "What can replace without losing quality magnificent appearance? How to keep a sense of refinement? Whereby these materials are so advantageous to look in the interior? How to make inexpensive materials look good in combination with each other? "

Depression is not. Instead there was "itching", a creative mood prevails - we want to do something, I want to tinkering and think, I want to try to create something like that, and only "based on" (without borrowing).

When in the hands take the album in fine arts (eg painting Levitan), then carefully studied almost every centimeter of the artist's creations. And the more I study, the more I admire God's gift of the artist. Here, for example, Levitan writes feeling windy weather in the landscape ... The artist depicts the horizon sharp - so is only really in strong winds (no haze, haze, smog on the horizon). Wow, already goosebumps from the genius of the artist! .. What is still depressed? It has long been gone.

How can I get out of depression creative person?

But if the depression is still continuing, despite the study of analogues, the stand itself verdict: "Ego Inflammation." Or "scabies" I start - I start scratching their pride, I comb your self-esteem. Specifically say so myself - that was the most disgusting. And sent to the "occupational therapy" - in the "heavy" household chores: start doing spring cleaning at home.

It really helps, among other things. Especially when it is not depressed, and ordinary laziness by most "do not want".