How to overcome fear?

The unknown fear of

Many people experience anxiety on a regular basis, and they can not explain specifically what is causing them concern. That such fears do not become constant companions, try to honestly answer the question about the origin of this feeling. When the cause of fear has been established and you are up to it, "dug", you can think about their actions and consciously resist the alarm.

Breathing against fear

How often have we all heard the phrase: "Calm down, breathe deeply!" And because it really works. The thing is that even breathing allows you to "cheat" the body that decided to strike again in a panic: if your breathing steady and deep, so grave danger is not observed.

Exposure therapy is

In psychology, there is a special technique that aims to combat phobias, fears, anxiety and panic attacks. The essence of exposure therapy is a consistent demonstration of the object of fear or situation that is causing increased anxiety.

In a simplified version of the example of overcoming fear arachnophobia it might look like this: a person first looks at a photo of spider and then appears before him a copy of a hated toy animal, and then to be met with a real master spider Affairs.

How to overcome fear?


People feel a sense of fear more often alone. Communicating with family and friends, we often forget about their most cherished fears and anxieties. Therefore, communication - one of the most enjoyable ways to get rid of fear.


Sport, of course, does not directly impact on our fears. But, nevertheless, regular physical activity can improve self-confidence. And it is important, if you are constantly overwhelmed by anxiety.

Reshuffle concern

Try their anxiety from the upcoming event to turn into a positive excitement. Make it easy, but the result is worth it. If anything joyful and positive can not be found, let the inspiration will serve the satisfaction of the case or made difficult negotiations that you will experience after the event is now inspiring the alarm.


Sometimes "rein in" the fear of allowing a simple experience, when a person on a daily basis at the end of the day recalls and analyzes all the events that happened to him today. So whether you have a lot to worry about if the positive aspects in the calculation would be no less than the negative ?!

How to overcome fear?

Search motivator and objectives

we often have to do what makes us feel fear, but we do it for a reason. Every such act has a purpose (and why else would we get involved and take risks, because we are afraid?). That fear has lost its position to focus its attention on the target, because its achievement will bring satisfaction and joy.