How to get rid of all the excess? Three Steps to Happiness, "no" fatigue and devastation

Jacob Teitelbaum, author of "Always tired," gives practical advice to those who feel the lack of vitality. If this is about you - to read and start doing. Do not delay.

Three steps to happiness

Over the last 35 years I have worked with thousands of patients suffering from serious diseases, and found that there are three steps in the work on themselves, making that people can feel happy, no matter how difficult they might be sick.

1. Accept your feelings. It means, allow yourself to feel whatever is happening to you, to understand or justify it unnecessarily. When there is a feeling you are no longer satisfied, let him go.

2 live life without guilt. In other words, no guilt, no charges, convictions, comparisons, unrealistic expectations of themselves and others. Of course, this will have to change their habitual thinking. For example, if you find yourself thinking that you condemn someone to immediately stop these thoughts. And do not judge yourself for judging others.

3. Learn to focus on what is pleasant. So often we succumb to delusion that focus on issues - a realistic model of behavior. What nonsense! Life - like a massive buffet with thousands of boxes (options). You only need to choose the right: pay attention to, which is nice. You will see that if a problem does require your attention, then at some point you will want to focus on it, and it will be correct. Otherwise, life is similar to the situation when out of two hundred TV channels man, in order to "be realistic", looking only the most hated.

How to get rid of all the excess? Three Steps to Happiness,

Fill your life with joy

Try to fill your life that brings you joy. And stop doing what you emotionally draining.

Once Joseph Campbell, the famous researcher of mythology and issues of personal growth in different cultures, and asked how to stay true to yourself. The essence of his response was this:

"Follow your bliss."

may unconditional "should I" made you become an accountant, a doctor or a lawyer, whereas your true vocation is to paint, write poetry, dance or simply to raise their children. And perhaps, it happened the other way around. In any case, when you start to do what makes you happy, you get on the right track.

How to get rid of all the excess? Three Steps to Happiness,

Get rid of the acts and thoughts about them

Stop pose as a squirrel in a wheel. It's no good will not. Imagine a moonlit night, a nightingale sings (or howling blizzard - whichever season), clean, almost crispy bed, you're going to sweet sleep - and ... does not work! In my head is spinning so many thoughts that sleep is impossible. What to do? If you do not practice mindfulness, and do not know how to stop the internal dialogue, take the habit of writing down everything, everything, all the cases. It is not necessary to keep in mind the endless "must" and "should" and a hundred times to think about problems. Write down on paper the problems and projects in the column on the left, and all that can be done about it (unless, of course, it is possible), - in the middle. A third column, leave the things you really want to do in the near future (in the sense of today, tomorrow or this week).

It is very useful to remember that neither you nor anyone else will never redo everything. Just do what you want to do it today, even if it is idleness.

How to get rid of all the excess? Three Steps to Happiness,

You know, should not do and what should be. Because only you - the one who knows who you really are. You have earned the right to be yourself. So use it. And when you get rid of all the excess, then forget about the problems with energy: it will beat over the edge.

Based on the book "a statute for ever."