What to choose: a positive attitude and compassion of whiners?

Especially proponents of positive thinking "strain" people with financial troubles. God forbid, they dragged you into some kind of adventure. And suddenly asked to borrow money, and then wait for the money for years.

Somehow, in these moments do not come to mind that the problems are of absolutely everyone. Tomorrow can be and you're in this situation. As they say, from the bag and out of jail ... And if your friends or relatives communicate with you "will minimize", then think how you like it.

And yes, your friends upset that they have to abandon existing habits. But this does not mean that before you complete losers, who are now only able to cry. If you believe that your friends take you positive energy and bring upon you the same financial problems, then your right to keep aloof and take it easy for future achievements. As the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

What's happened to your loved ones: temporary setbacks in business or sudden large expenses. Or someone of them simply had to leave high-paying job. It is in this case does not matter. The main thing, if you know that these people are not characteristic of panic and exaggeration, the only thing they want - is to be heard and believed them. All this is not much.

What to choose: a positive attitude and compassion of whiners?

usually strangers to the question "How are you?" We answer that all is well. It is normal to share with everyone and do not need, and do not want. Another thing loved ones - those who we trust. They decided to share both joy and sorrow. Everybody sometimes wants to be a whiner, you listened to. The main thing is not to become the most "destructive whiner" who always complains, but does nothing. And it is important to feel the difference in relation both to himself and to others. Never tell a close friend or relative who is currently a financial crisis, the following phrases:

  • "How? You do not have the money to go for coffee? This is ridiculous. " you funny, but your friend is clearly not amused.
  • "You have no money? So you have the same Lexus " The car - it is an additional item of expenditure, if people do not make a private taxi driver. It certainly can be sold. But this is not an easy decision. Perhaps it is the short term, and must also get used to the idea.
  • "Now began the sale, you have already bought something?" No, when there is no money, not to sales, even if the discount of 90%. And do not say to what extent is now profitable to buy two things for the price of one. It is beneficial only to those who have surplus funds.
  • "You can not even go to the sea? Well, that's money you could find! " to your friends, especially if they have children at the moment you need to great" find "money, and they are just their" looking. "
  • "Yeah, at this age it is better not to start anything new!" And such principles is better not to follow.
  • "Now everything is in the same situation." If you have something to drink coffee, you go to sell and does not intend to sell the car - then you are not in such a situation. And no need to dissemble.
  • "All of this will ever take place." Your friends about this guess, but it's not comforting. It will be in the future, as bad now.
  • "All is well!". You have no idea how things will develop, it may be even worse.
  • "Hammer on everything and go to have fun, to forget." This will show that you are not up to the problems of your friends. Do you want a holiday and you are annoying, that it does not want you to arrange.
  • "This is nonsense, that I remember, we had ..." Today is not an evening of memories of your life, in which all developed much more dramatic than those of your friends.
  • "Many people are now much worse than you. Somewhere in all the war is coming. " There are always those who are worse - a good reason no one to sympathize. "Living things are good."

It is better to just keep quiet, the good of it will be more. Or say the following:

  • "And the truth is difficult to survive."
  • "And you fellows, stay."
  • "We would have experienced if we have this happen."
  • "The poor, how do you now hard."
What to choose: a positive attitude and compassion of whiners?

Do not be afraid to sympathize and support. If you are expected sympathy, it means that you trust. And if you think about it, mutual trust - this is just what you need for a positive attitude.