What do you feel now?

One of the most important steps on the way to this goal - to learn how to ask yourself what you are feeling right now.

The usual situation is today - do you see the report, the athlete crosses the finish line and journalists immediately asked her: "How do you feel now? "And after asking about feelings, you are doing a great service to the athletes. The simple question is fraught with incredible, huge potential. He makes an athlete who is standing on the finish line, listen at this point to his sincere feelings.

Not that she felt at the finish hundred-meter swim in the "Water Cube" in Beijing, at the finish of the race on the ten kilometers to the stadium Bislett Stadion, at the finish of the race in Holmenkollen pyatidesyatikilometrovoy or at the stage of Alpe d'Huez in the "Tour de France". Not that it will do later - and feels like right now, when you're standing here with a microphone under her nose.

If you want to be present in the present, you should know that feel.

may be thought athletes focus just on what happened at the end of the race for a second before she heard about this. Maybe she feels cheated or feel surprise, joy, and pride in their skills. And then her mind all subsides. No more thoughts about the competition, no thoughts about the future. Most importantly, what she feels, and feels right now.

What do you feel now?

Nine out of ten people are beginning to look around, frantically trying to think of something meaningful. Of course, it may be such that the athlete never faced similar experiences, so it is difficult to clothe them in words. But the viewer is important to share the experience of others, to be able to look into the other person to understand what it feels here and now. And this moment would be even more exciting if the athlete could find the words to describe my feelings.

We must often ask themselves this question! It forces us to put into words the feelings that we experience now. I do not feel that we would like to experience. Not our thoughts.

What do you feel now?

In order to answer this question, you need to turn your mind's eye inward. You need to learn to manage their feelings and to express them in words. In some senses are concentrated in the abdomen, others in the heart, others emphasize his head. We are not taught to really answer this question because we all do it very often.

The man is present in the present, stopped to examine their feelings.

Ask yourself, "What do I feel now? ", you will pause for a few seconds in the present and will feel like it's nice. This short stop in the flow of this vibrant city is very useful for the head. And if you deliberately ask this question in conversation, for example, with his partner in life, you will be able to direct your relationship in a constructive direction.

What do you feel now?

It is important to determine that at this point you feel and what he feels. This will help you avoid the conflicts that arise when neither of you is not that really feels different.

How do you feel now?

Based on the book publishing MYTH "Now!" Erik Bertrand Larssen.