How to become more confident in themselves? Three methods of self-esteem

People suffering from complexes difficult to realize and implement their plans in life, build a relationship with people who are really interested. Life it seems dull and bleak, it seems that it lacked something. In insecure people no sense of lightness of being.

Recognize in their self-esteem problem is simple. Suffice it to recall how you lived the last couple of weeks, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you take offense at someone?
  • jealous of you?
  • if the situation arises when you had someone to give up, but you could not do?
  • Did you make for someone working?
  • Do Suffered without receiving praise from others? Would that your achievements and talents were appreciated by other people?
  • to irritate you, because things do not exactly as you want?
  • Do feel a sense of abandonment and worthlessness?
  • groundlessly blamed himself what is happening, calling himself a "bad"?
How to become more confident in themselves? Three methods of self-esteem

Analyze the result: if for some of the above questions, you said yes, you have a problem with self-esteem. It is necessary to do self-education - to work hard to improve it and to gain more confidence in their abilities.

Psychological complexes and insecurities cause us to compare ourselves with other people. This only exacerbates the problem. Always and everywhere there is someone who is in some way superior to you. And that's fine.

But we should remember that the You - the only one of its kind, you have the qualities and talents that others do not. There is not a single person who has that only you have. Learn to appreciate yourself and do not seek it, what you give to others. Do not compare yourself with anyone else, take care of their individuality.

A bright and a typical example of the behavior of the uncertainty in the forces man: he is afraid to voice their own desires, does not dare to give an explanation close that he feels and what he wants. Insecure a person is forced to tolerate the behavior of others, unable to stand up for themselves. This happens for the reason that he lives with the confidence that he has no right to ask for anything. He tries to endure the inconvenience caused by the behavior of other people, for fear of losing them.

How to become more confident in themselves? Three methods of self-esteem

This is an unhealthy situation, because it leads to the accumulation in the heart of grievances. Sooner or later patience will end, resentment gush over the edge and spill over into aggression. It will only worsen relations with others, for which restrain myself for so long.

What to do? How to cope with this problem and improve self-confidence? There are several methods by which you can achieve a positive result. Positive changes can be observed in three or four weeks of continual work on oneself.

Method One: look for the virtues of

How to become more confident in themselves? Three methods of self-esteem

As a rule, diffident man is easier to see its shortcomings than to discover strengths. However, be aware that absolutely every man is good and you are no exception. Perform the following work on yourself:

  • List ten of its positive qualities.
  • What do you like in yourself, for what are you approve?
  • What good see you close, for that you appreciate?

You need to learn to see their value. Without this, you need to see it more. Only heard praise from others, you feel their own importance. This creates a sense of tension, it's not always the people around you will confirm your value when you need it. If you learn to appreciate themselves, the need for someone else's approval will not be. You'll feel confident regardless of extraneous opinions.

Method Two: Teach yourself to praise

How to become more confident in themselves? Three methods of self-esteem

disapprove of his actions, it will help you become more confident. If you are able to notice the good that is in you, then you become to expect that strangers will have to give you a positive assessment. Every day notice that you have made useful. His every - even small and insignificant - achievement. Do not forget to praise yourself. We appreciate their efforts, their time, their labor.

Method three: give yourself the right to be wrong

How to become more confident in themselves? Three methods of self-esteem

Do not scold yourself in the event of any failures. Remember that you have the right to be wrong. We all are not perfect and sometimes we make mistakes, fail. Do not mistake Only he who does nothing.

It is not necessary to humiliate themselves and "nag", lowering the self-esteem and self-inflicting mental suffering. Case this does not help, but only all even more difficult. You can not give up and say to myself that no matter what is unfit. This is not true. Due to the errors we get the necessary experience for us.

Rather than criticize yourself, try to understand, why not work to make our plans and what should be done, so the next time you have everything worked out.